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concert #13: siamese elephants @ fluc tub | May 16, 2023

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concert #13: siamese elephants @ fluc tub |  May 16, 2023

timelessness paired with lots of euphoria: “Siamese elephants” made the fluc tub shake with awesomeness!

Admittedly, I know that the “Siamese Elephants” shows are always fabulous, but I still went to the concert in Vienna’s Fluc Wanne without any expectations. When I arrived at the scene that evening, I was a bit surprised at how many people were already there. There was a certain kind of excitement in the air, and I ended up letting it get to me a little bit.

I had missed the opening act “Pure Chlorine” that evening, but for “siamese elephants“I was more than ready. When the group eventually entered the stage and was bathed in the most beautiful light, a euphoric mood took hold. The crowd danced from the first note and the band, who had support from other musicians, didn’t miss an opportunity to heat up the audience even further.

It was exciting: the songs from Siamese Elephants didn’t feel like current indie hits, but rather like timeless classics. When the whole room was bathed in red and “Heartbreak Hotel” played, you felt like you were transported straight to the accompanying music video. By using two additional musicians with wind instruments, the songs seemed much bigger, more pompous, and more anthemic. And maybe that was also a reason why the word “timeless” was always floating around in my head.

In addition to this timeless feeling, it was also singer Alex’s voice that impressed me (always anyway!). The deep hum embedded in the most beautiful indie guitar melodies was like balm for the soul. The highlights of the set were the catchy tune “Dancing in the City” but also “Coca Cola Punk” – during the second, the crowd was asked to get on their knees and then jump up again and the fluc tub literally boiled under the flashlights.

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The audience danced, “Siamese elephants” gave their all and I just had a satisfied smile on my face. It’s nice that a band can do it so well, interact with the audience and at the same time blast the finest numbers through the speakers. In any case, at the end of the evening I was very happy to have attended the evening. After all, “Siamese Elephants” gigs are always fabulous!

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