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Towards a maneuver of 30-32 billion, it is considered voluntary for the return of capital

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Towards a maneuver of 30-32 billion, it is considered voluntary for the return of capital

The maneuver by the Meloni government should include measures for 30-32 billion euros. This is what emerges, as we learn, from the meetings of the last few hours in view of the CDM on Monday, in which the launch of the budget law is expected. The executive is discussing the possibility of an amnesty for the return of capital abroad, which could bring another 3-5 billion to the state coffers, according to the first estimates. A cornerstone of the maneuver, explain sources close to the dossier, will be the review of the law on the taxation of extra profits, with a rate not yet defined which, as anticipated by Il Sole 24 Ore, could be 33% (currently it is 25%)

A new voluntary for the return of capital

The aim is to re-propose the 2015-2017 scheme of voluntary disclosure for the return of foreign capital not declared to the tax authorities, but also with a focus on cryptocurrencies. In short, the Government is studying a re-edition of the re-emergence operation which had made it possible to bring out 60 billion between financial and real estate assets unknown to the Treasury, with a repatriation of over 15 billion.

The challenge of bringing cryptocurrencies back

The starting point is, therefore, to change the mechanisms, which were based on a self-declaration to be presented to the Revenue which was followed by a notice of assessment but with a significant discount on penalties. A different scheme from the previous tax shields with which, instead, the account was closed with a lump sum amount. Now, however, the challenge is to include undeclared cryptocurrencies that for the tax authorities are equivalent to foreign currencies.

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Mef: no amnesty of a criminal nature

In any case, no amnesty of a penal nature will find a place in the manoeuvre. Thus a note from the Mef regarding the numerous indiscretions published in these hours on the economic entity and on the measures of the maneuver that the government is preparing to launch. The measures of the maneuver – it is added – are currently in the political evaluation phase.

Maneuver, Bonomi: no more early retirement for electoral purposes

«If the cut in the tax wedge will be lower than what we expect because all the resources will be made available to face the expensive energy we will agree, but if instead the new budget law starts new early retirements then we are not . We will be inflexible. No more early retirement for electoral purposes» said the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi in Verona.

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