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Traditional pyrotechnics and modern fashion sense are intertwined, intangible cultural heritage radiates new vitality and colors the Spring Festival holiday_Guangming.com

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During the Spring Festival, Guangdong, Yunnan, Shandong and other places are decorated with bright lights, and people celebrate the Spring Festival in various ways.

In Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town, Kaiping, Jiangmen, Guangdong, a group of arcade buildings dating back a century are decorated with lights and huge Spring Festival couplets. The ancient town is filled with a festive atmosphere. Amid the uniform sound of sticks hitting, the Chaoshan Ying song and dance, which integrates dance, Nanquan routines, and opera acting skills, is majestic and attracts the attention of many tourists.

In the Maitreya East Charm Scenic Area in Yunnan, in order to allow tourists to experience the unique Spring Festival in Maitreya, the scenic area provides a rich artistic and cultural feast to tourists by carrying out diverse artistic interpretations and ethnic minority dance performances. At the Starry Sky Theater Square in the scenic spot, young girls and boys in gorgeous national costumes smiled happily and welcomed tourists from all over the world.

The sky is full of brilliance, and the city is filled with bright lanterns. During the Spring Festival, Tengzhou, Shandong Province is decorated with all kinds of lanterns on the main roads and scenic spots. The colorful lanterns give the city a beautiful new look, and the streets and alleys are full of a strong New Year flavor. In the Civic Center, large-scale building light shows complement each other. People are attracted by the charming night and go out one after another to revel in the beautiful night.

During the Spring Festival, accompanied by the melodious music of “Jasmine”, tourists and citizens enjoyed the happy New Year’s music played by the performance team at Ying’enfang in Lili Ancient Town, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Both sides of the stone road were decorated with festive red decorations, and booths selling sugar paintings and ring-throwing games were crowded with eager people. In the past few days, Lili Ancient Town has welcomed more than 50,000 tourists, quadrupling compared with the same period in 2023.

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During the Spring Festival, Jiangxi Jiujiang Cultural Tourism District has prepared a variety of folk activities for tourists. As night falls, the national-style lanterns turn on, and the bright light show decorates the street with extra splendor, filling the area with the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Games and parades in the neighborhood also attract many tourists to participate and enjoy the holiday fun.

During the Spring Festival, Jilin Liaoyuan set up a stage for Huimin Performance in the Sports Park. Under the colorful lights, local cultural and artistic programs with rich local colors were presented to tourists from all over the country.

During the Spring Festival, Dongshan Sports Park in Liaoyuan, Jilin was decorated with lights and colorful decorations, setting up a big stage for people-benefiting performances. From New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, cultural and artistic performances to benefit the people with the theme of “Celebrate the New Year with Joy” will be performed here every night. The cheerful gongs and drums are beating, the lively Northeastern Yangko dance is played, and the strong flavor of the Guandong New Year in the ice and snow dispels the cold, attracting many southern tourists to come and experience it.

The Huimin theatrical performance injects vitality into the local ice and snow tourism. Visitors here not only enjoy various lifelike large-scale ice and snow sculptures, but also taste frozen pears, frozen persimmons, sticky bean buns and other Northeastern frozen goods on site, as well as exquisite lanterns and shadows The intangible cultural heritage performance of blacksmithing and flaming iron flowers makes tourists forget to come back.

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Tasting delicious food, appreciating folk customs and watching performances, a variety of folk custom activities were held across the country during this Spring Festival, giving tourists a cultural feast. A performance team composed of local Hunan residents is performing intangible cultural heritage performances to the beat of festive drums.

The Bianhe Street Temple Fair is one of the most representative traditional activities in Yueyang City, and it starts as scheduled every Spring Festival. On the third day of the first lunar month, in the Yueyang Tower tourist area, the dragon dance team set up a formation and performed moves such as dragon boats and double dragons playing with beads. At the same time, intangible cultural heritage performances with Dongting Lake characteristics such as flower drum opera, lotus picking boats, and old men fishing were performed at 300 meters. Tours in the neighborhoods allow citizens and tourists to experience the charm of traditional culture up close. Yueyang Tower Tourist Area consists of Yueyang Tower Scenic Area, Bianhe Street, and Dongting South Road Historical and Cultural Block, forming a two-kilometer-long cultural tourism consumption belt. According to statistics, the city received more than 300,000 tourists in the first three days of the Spring Festival.

Hunan’s Tujia people’s songs and dances are lively, while Jiangxi’s Jialu Pavilion-raising, Anhui opera, Nuo dance and other performances also allow tourists to feel the traditional intangible cultural heritage up close and experience the strong New Year flavor.

In Wuyuan, Jiangxi, with the sound of drums, a unique Jialu pavilion-raising parade began. The children dressed up as dramatic characters, stood on the pavilion and started walking through the streets. The ancient folk custom attracted tourists to flock to take photos and “check in”.

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Accompanied by the sounds of gongs, drums and suonas, and accompanied by traditional Wuyuan lanterns such as Panshan lanterns and Xichong lanterns, the mighty intangible cultural heritage procession began to parade, sending New Year blessings to every household.

It is understood that Wuyuan Jialu Pavilion Raising is a fixed character performance based on classical drama and shelved in the pavilion. Currently, there are nearly 40 costume dramas in Wuyuan Jialu Tiige, including “Mulan” and “Water Margin”. During festivals and holidays, local people perform pavilion-raising performances to pray for good fortune and good weather.

The national intangible cultural heritage Wuyuan Hui opera and Nuo dance were performed wonderfully. The actors’ exquisite costumes, high-pitched singing and exaggerated and enthusiastic dance attracted many tourists.

As night falls, the 100-meter-long Wuyuan dragon lantern composed of benches and lanterns begins to cross the streets and alleys in the city, sometimes winding and sometimes galloping. Wherever the dragon lantern goes, fireworks bloom and firecrackers blast, making it very lively. People hope that by “welcoming the dragon” and “receiving the lantern”, they pray for good weather and peace for the country and the people.

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