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Transform the region: José Luis Magaña

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Transform the region: José Luis Magaña

The economist José Luis Magaña spoke about the need to transform and intervene in reality, and how similar situations have been experienced throughout the Latin American region, which he considered important to study in order to find common problems to observe their solutions and implement them in the country. .

“A few words have come out that the teacher Aquiles Montoya said that when we want we can transform and intervene reality, first we have to start with the heart”indicated.

Given this, he explained that it is necessary to find an adverse situation that is outrageous and that you want to transform in order to have an engine to find a solution, but also, you have to move forward and understand the injustices, where they arise and where they go, and then act.

For Magaña, it is necessary to know those common problems in the region such as putting the land, feelings and all the resources for the profits of a few, who are not from the region, who arrive with the objective of extracting gold, exploiting tourism, among others, and whose profits are taken to other territories.

He added that, in the case of El Salvador, there is a law prohibiting metal mining, which he stressed is important to defend before a government that is beginning to participate in the metal mining forum.

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