Home News Treviso, four other trees sawn in the Martiri di Belfiore area for the new square. “We are at 45”

Treviso, four other trees sawn in the Martiri di Belfiore area for the new square. “We are at 45”

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The wind forced the municipality to sacrifice some oaks. The balance is increasingly negative. And the works are not finished

TREVISO. Four more trees cut down, the bill in Piazza Martiri di Belfiore continues to rise. What worries residents and neighborhood committees – after relations with the Municipality have calmed down around the revision of the project, which has saved many plants – is that, however, the bill can become even more salty, due to the impact of the work on the roots.

Meanwhile, 45 trees have been felled. The last ones in order of time were those in via Ricci. One of the oaks was knocked down by the strong wind on Thursday night, and prompted the commissioner for public works Sandro Zampese to urgently request a traction test on the entire row. In the end, the outcome of the analyzes conducted by the agronomist Corazzin was what was not hoped for: another four oaks had to be cut.

«We found that those trees were planted on a ‘lean’, which is a concrete base, which did not allow the plants to take deep roots. Only those who managed to break the lean to go deeper were saved. We couldn’t leave them in their place, it would have been dangerous. In any case, other oaks will be replanted by removing the base and replacing it with earth », assures the commissioner Zampese.

The balance between cuts and new plantings will remain positive for about forty trees, they repeated this week from Ca ‘Sugana. Last week, however, the same fate had befallen seven Siberian elms in via Radaelli. Old plants, which have not withstood the excavations. In the way the bulldozers went very deep, even beyond two meters, and the roots of the weakest trees paid the consequences. Seven were shot down, two others remained in their places, but the analyzes carried out have already made it clear that they will not have a long life.

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With the latest operations of the chainsaws it has therefore come to 45 trees felled: the 31, plus two shrubs, envisaged by the project modified by the Conte council, the seven in via Radaelli and the five in via Ricci. A considerable heritage that has now been lost.

At this point in the construction site, the reassurances, which had convinced some residents to bury the hatchet, begin to lose their effectiveness: “If the works have damaged the trees in via Radaelli and via Ricci, the same could happen for the others », is the refrain among the residents of Piazza Martiri di Belfiore. A concern dictated by the fact that in via 55esimo Regiment the post-construction traction tests have not yet been carried out – even if the commissioner Zampese said he was confident about the tightness of the bagolari – and the works in the square have decidedly restricted the living space of the trees


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