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Treviso, new interventions for sewage and water: it’s up to San Zeno, a construction site worth two million euros

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Excavations to lay pipelines throughout the quadrant between via Dandolo and via Saccardo. Work to start by the end of the year

TREVISO. After San Giuseppe, Fiera, Santa Maria del Rovere, Selvana now it’s up to San Zeno. By the end of the year – the date will be defined in the next few days – a 2 million euro construction site will start for the construction of the new water and sewage pipeline in the whole quadrant between via Dandolo and via Saccardo, around the neighborhood church.


The project was approved a few weeks ago by the AATO, the basin committee that actually controls the work of Ats. It has not yet been advertised but is now in the starting blocks. In fact, it is planned to publish the call for tenders every few days and start the works as soon as possible. The excavations will widen up via Manzato, via Bologni, via Bembo, via Cima da Conegliano, via Modena, via Bonfadini. Virtually the whole network that extends to the four sides of the church, including villas, small condominiums and many parking lots. The construction site will last weeks (but perhaps it is good to speak of months), but according to the documents of the water company it should not occupy the whole district at the same time.

Excavations in excerpts

The hypothesis is that of organizing a main area of ​​the construction site, from which then to expand first on one street and then on another, thus arriving to lay all the pipes without paralyzing the residential area. Even so, however, it will not be easy because along that network of streets (on which the Municipality has recently established the 30km / h area precisely for the residential nature), there are many houses, many of which with car access to the garden and moreover in the quadrant there are many commuters who leave the car all day parked along the streets to go to work in the center. Starting to post the parking restrictions, and start digging will necessarily involve some inconveniences that must be managed properly.

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Collateral interventions

Three other interventions on via Ciassi (always San Zeno, but further south), via Zenson (near the center) e via Botteniga. Pieces of a strategy for the renewal of a network (or creation from scratch) that has never accelerated as in recent years.

Over 12 million in three years

The list of interventions made is 12 million long and concerns many city districts and, in the center, via Manin. But for the city, Ats is preparing the most important construction site, the one to connect the historic center to the purifier and build the sewage system that does not exist within the walls.


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