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Ukrainians were warned about fines in public transport in EU countries

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Ukrainians were warned about fines in public transport in EU countries

Ukrainians who are forced to find themselves abroad quite often use the services of local public transport, which is much more economical than renting a car or taxi.

In addition, it is convenient, because in most European cities, public transport operates according to a clear schedule.

However, passengers should be aware of the rules of your host country.

Zakordon 24 journalists told about some of them.


There are a number of prohibitions for traveling in Polish public transport, including:

  • do not eat or drink if it can contaminate the vehicle or other passengers;

  • it is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke (not only ordinary cigarettes, but also electronic cigarettes);

  • do not open vehicle doors while driving and do not stand too close to them;

  • it is forbidden to enter the salon in roller skates or with a scooter;

  • throwing garbage out the window is strictly prohibited.

Violators are subject to a fine of up to 500 zlotys for disregarding the prohibitions.

It is also not allowed to leave things in the Polish subway – the deputies of the Seimas voted for this in March 2023.

And for traveling without a ticket, you will have to pay from 150 to 300 zlotys (the amount of the fine depends on the city).

Pay attention! If you were issued a fine, it is better to pay it as soon as possible directly at the cash desk (or within 14 days after the fine, because the amount will increase later).

Czech Republic

In Prague, Brno and Ostrava, you should worry about buying a travel ticket. After all, a “hare” ride here costs as much as 1,500 crowns (over 60 euros). You can also buy a one-time ticket, but it is only valid for half an hour, and you can be fined for overstaying even by a minute. It is good if you pay the fine in the first 15 days after receiving it – this way you can save 500 crowns.

Passengers who have not purchased a pet ticket or paid for baggage will be fined 400 Czech crowns (€17). And if you broke the law, for example, polluted the transport or did something that threatens the safety of other passengers and the driver, you will have to pay as much as 1,000 kroner (over 40 euros).


Riding a “hare” in public transport in Germany is considered fraud. So, in the best case, the violator will be fined 60 euros, and in the worst case, they can be imprisoned for up to one year.


In Zurich, the first fine for traveling without a ticket will be 100 Swiss francs (over 100 euros). But the more violations, the more serious the punishment. It may even lead to a complete ban on public transport throughout the country.

We would like to remind that forced migrants from Ukraine abroad can also be punished for not submitting an income declaration.


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