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Unimagdalena graduate receives scholarship in France as an Emerging Researcher

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Unimagdalena graduate receives scholarship in France as an Emerging Researcher

Luciano Aroca, anthropologist from the University of Magdalena, is the winner of the Emerging Research Scholarship at the International Congress on New Trends in the Humanities.

The outstanding work of anthropologist Luciano Aroca, member of the Research Group on Human Diversity of the University of Magdalena, has been internationally recognized at the twenty-first International Congress on New Trends in the Humanities, held at the prestigious Sorbonne Université in Paris, France.

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Aroca, With his innovative and rigorous approach, he managed to stand out among a select group of emerging researchers, earning the coveted Emerging Researcher Grant. His participation in this international congress was an opportunity to present his research entitled “Conservation beekeeping in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: frameworks, transformations and inter-species developments”.

Aroca’s research explores the relationship between beekeeping and conservation in the emblematic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Through his work, he has analyzed the social frameworks, the environmental transformations and the processes of inter-species coexistence that take place in this Colombian region. His multidisciplinary approach and his commitment to preserving the environment have been fundamental in the recognition of her work.

The award obtained at the International Conference on New Trends in the Humanities not only validates the quality and relevance of Aroca’s research, but also reinforces the prestige of the University of Magdalena in the academic and scientific field. The institution is proud to have outstanding professionals such as Aroca, whose achievements contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the development of sustainable solutions to current challenges.

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Luciano Aroca has proven to be a committed and passionate researcher, whose efforts to understand and preserve human diversity and the natural environment are admirable. His contribution to the field of anthropology and his involvement in conservation projects are a testament to his dedication and talent.

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