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Urso and Pichetto, “Common strategy, industry and environment together”

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Urso and Pichetto, “Common strategy, industry and environment together”

Activated the national table

It was activated today the “National table for critical matters” promoted in the new format by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, with all public and private actors, “precisely to interpenetrate the needs of the production system with the objectives of respect for the environment, in a country strategy that also determines the European and Western choices for strategic autonomy with respect to the dominance of China” argued the minister bear in his speech.

Other national administrations, the Presidency of the Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Istat, but also representatives of the European Commission and European agencies, business associations and leading experts in the sector were also at the table.

“The table is also functional in defining the country’s needs – continues Urso – in the dual green and digital transition and provide useful elements in view of the “Critical Raw Materials Act” which will be presented by the European Commission in the spring. We are absolutely convinced that above all in this field an assertive European policy is needed which uses common resources also through the European Sovereign Fund. Also the table – concludes Urso- it will be able to help us in the definition of a new national legislation on mining”.

The minister Pichetto Fratinfor his part, highlighted how “faced with a reality that sees Europe heavily dependent on foreign countries for these raw materials, strategic for decarbonisation, it is necessary to adopt measures that increasingly promote the circular economy. We’ll have to – he added – invest more for better waste management, aiming at the collection, selection, and recovery of the raw materials contained in the waste; abandon the vision of “waste as a problem” and take full advantage of “waste as a resource”, to be used in an intelligent, creative and regenerative way”.

Minister Pichetto Fratin concluded by recalling that it is the Government’s intention “promote this approach with system initiatives, incentive mechanisms, communication and regulatory simplifications in the implementation and revision of strategic plans and programs such as: the National Circular Economy Strategy, the National Waste Management Plan, the update we will make of the National Plan for Waste Prevention, and that for Sustainable Consumption. It deals with – he concluded – of policies closely linked also to the European provisions in which we will participate strongly to defend the Italian way to the circular economy which has brought us into a position of European leadership in recent years”.

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