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Vacancies for teachers – El Mercurio newspaper

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Vacancies for teachers – El Mercurio newspaper

Unintelligible where you look at it; Furthermore, unacceptable: 17,500 teachers are looking for a permanent position in the teaching profession, but there are only 400 vacancies in the country.

That is part of the reality of educators, when we are two years away from consuming the first quarter of the 21st century.

This is clear from the merit and opposition contest called by the Ministry of Education to obtain the final appointment.

In Cuenca, 1,389 teachers registered for the contest, but there are only two vacancies. For Zone 6, made up of Azuay, Cañar and Morona Santiago, there are 32 parking spaces.

Consequently, thousands of teachers are affected by job instability. Not being part of the appointed Magisterium deprives them of some rights, starting with the economic one.

But there is more: not all those registered will be able to take the demonstrative class. This is the final part to deliver the appointments. The advantage lies with the more experienced.

And the others? To wait for a “blow of luck”; if any government, overcoming budget limitations, delivers appointments, that hope longed for by so many teachers.

Such a reality does not contribute to motivate thousands of young people whose vocation is to be teachers. Most of them, recent graduates, even with master’s degrees, have a bleak future.

The digital platforms of this newspaper demonstrated the unease, criticism and claim of those who go through realities that are not compatible with their efforts, not even with those of the country. Ecuador needs 5 thousand teachers. And there are still single-teacher schools. Therein lies the paradox.

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That is to say: there are that number of vacancies, not the budget, much more since when salaries were increased as approved by the Assembly and ratified by the Constitutional Court after a long struggle with the government.

I hope that harsh reality does not demotivate teachers; and the government is encouraged to change it.

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