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Vaccination obligation; fines are coming to no Vax

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Vaccination obligation;  fines are coming to no Vax

Even with the Meloni government, the No Vax over 50s will get fines of 100 euros for failing to comply with the vaccination obligation. Today, November 30, the 180 days set to justify failure to comply with the vaccination obligation, for health reasons or because they had contracted the coronavirus in the meantime, expire. And the first fines would have already started.

This is almost two million fines for as many recipients who did not get vaccinated by last June 15, the date on which the vaccination obligation for over-50s expired.

The regions with the highest percentage of over 50s who have not fulfilled the vaccination obligation, compared to the population of their territory, are Friuli Venzia Giulia, Calabria and Abruzzo.

So for now the attempt by the League has been of no use, which tried to freeze the sanctions until June 30 by presenting an amendment to the decree on rave parties yesterday. The suspension was supposed to be inserted by the majority in the Aiuti Ter decree but then it was skipped.

The other hope for the No Vax is linked to the decision, expected for tonight, of the Constitutional Court, called to express itself on the legitimacy of the vaccination obligation introduced in 2021 as a tool to stem the Covid pandemic.

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ross matthew lochhead December 3, 2022 - 9:40 pm

the italian goverment are fake nationalists and are controlled opposition.any goverment forcing fake mnra vaccines on its population with fines or blackmail are criminals.millions have died globally because of mrna shots and they threaten those who refuse anyone collaborating with those criminals are scum.


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