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Vaccine, Rings “Well guidelines Son to Regions, doctors ready”

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – “We fully share the strategic approach of the Extraordinary Commissioner General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo who, for the continuation of the vaccination campaign even outside the emergency period, has drawn up guidelines for the Regions. And has valued the proximity to the citizen : in order to reach, through the contribution of local doctors, precisely those most fragile sections of the population, who are most at risk if they fall ill with Covid, and therefore benefit more from the vaccine. they have more difficulty moving to reach the vaccination hubs “. Thus Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo, the national Federation of the Orders of Surgeons and Dentists. “Like Fnomceo, we can only re-launch the general’s invitation to the Regions to involve general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice, dentists, other local doctors in a more effective and efficient way – he explains Rings -, in order to gradually ‘delocalize’ vaccinations, bringing them close to the most fragile patients. And to facilitate, in the near future, the organization of the administration of boosters which, after this emergency phase, can and must be administered in structures of the National Health Service. Involving local doctors effectively and efficiently means, when fully operational, putting them in the conditions of being able to administer vaccines in their studies, with proper planning and with the help of adequate and necessary personnel. emergency has relied on the doctors’ sense of availability and spirit of service. it happens, it would ask to pay too high a price in terms of organization efficiency and vaccination campaign efficacy, putting its full success at risk. The adhesion of general practitioners and other doctors in the area was the driving force that allowed the campaign to take off and reach 500,000 daily administrations. The NHS and the whole country can count on these professionals. And all the more he will be able to count on them at full capacity, for the recalls, which will probably have to be annually, as has been the case for some time already for the anti-flu campaign. Receiving the Covid vaccine from your doctor – concludes Anelli – will be the norm, and will help us return to normalcy even in our habits of life, work, social relations “. (ITALPRESS). Ads / com 22-May -21 12:25

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