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Vaccine, Zaia “Stop Astrazeneca under 60 years”

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – “I told the directors that in the new public health plan vaccination with AstraZeneca under 60 years old is blocked, because this optional option that is given to me is not good. There must be a determination by the community scientific that must be clear. To recommend or worse still how did Ema who said ‘the Member States decide’ what does it mean? Are the technicians useful for something or not? ” This was stated by Luca Zaia, president of the Veneto Region, a guest at ‘Piazzapulita’ on La7. “The real issue is that my vaccination capacity is almost 80/100 thousand vaccines per day. With a delivery of 150 thousand doses per week, in five days I consume my vaccines, it means that I have two days left in the which I turn my thumbs. It takes vaccines and organization, “he added. (ITALPRESS). blah / ads / red 08-Apr-21 23:47

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