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Vallenato designer Dario Valencia announced that he has cancer

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Vallenato designer Dario Valencia announced that he has cancer

Through his Instagram account, the renowned vallenato designer Dario Valencia published that he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

When I began to feel the first symptoms of my disease I felt suffocated, sometimes it hurt to breathe and at times the pain in my chest woke me up, I blamed the gym, that I was overweight, that I am already greater and the force is not the same”, initially recounted the designer.

He said that on December 12 a very close friend, ‘Jenny Olarte’, invited him to lunch and although he did not want to attend because he had a lot of work, he took the space and they met. In the place there was a father, who approached him to give him the blessing and said: “The Lord shows me that you are sick and that you have to take care of yourself”. His friend told her that indeed he was having severe chest pain and her father told her to have a study done.


He then recounts that he had an exam to find out what was happening in his body, when his friend’s face came out it showed a tragedy, however, he went home and half an hour later his friend called him to tell him that he should go to a hospital. clinic, suffering from lung cancer.

One day I had a crisis while my mom was in the room and when I reacted she was in a corner crying and just asking God to get me better”, he expressed.

In the published photograph, the artist smiles, hoping to overcome this difficult test that life has placed on him: “I feel that in this life one goes through tougher tests than others, but here I am willing to carry everything calmly and with faith.”.

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