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Valperga, Ambra reopens The new cinema is futuristic

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Valperga, Ambra reopens The new cinema is futuristic

The manager: “These places are a cuddle for the faithful Canavese cinephiles” We also think about the environment: LED lights and armchairs as a gift to recycle them


An avant-garde multiplex, comfortable and welcoming, which has nothing to envy to the local Turin. We are talking about the Ambra di Valperga cinema that the young manager, Niccolò Tomelleri, with an important investment is gradually transforming into a small jewel with a total capacity of 559 seats. No ribbon cutting, just a sober informal inauguration for the restyling of the multiplex in via Martiri della Libertà, Friday afternoon, in the presence of the mayor, Walter Sandretto, the councilor Graziano Cortese and the parish priest, Don Ilario Rege Gianas, who gave the blessing to the venue.

“The furniture in room 1 was completely renovated with the replacement of the armchairs that went down from 416 to 340 and in room 2 that went from 213 to 219, LED lighting is still missing but by November the make-up should be completed – confides Tomelleri-. As for room 1, the armchairs supplied by Cinearredo are blue, equipped with cup holders, they are more comfortable than the previous ones and allow more space between the rows. In room 2, the red armchairs, supplied by the Sonego company, are smaller in size, suited to the conformation of the historic structure of the room. I took over the Ambra cinema six years ago, I believe in the potential of this multiplex, after the total stop due to a pandemic we are recovering. If on a national scale there is a decrease in attendance of 50% compared to 2019, we are in positive contrast if we take into account that the decline is between 30 and 40% “.

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The idea of ​​renewing was born from the desire to give that something extra to cinephiles. «The investment was made for” my “audience, to pamper people, to give more comfort and convenience to the spectators in what is the only altocanavesana multiplex – adds the manager -. Turin is, however, far away and we wanted to give the public the same comfort as the city clubs of this type in a small town like Valperga. We know that not everyone in this particular moment of economic crisis can afford to come to the cinema 2 or 3 times a month, but we would like those who enter to relax and be able, even for a few hours, to immerse themselves in a good movie forgetting everything else. . I thank the mayor and the parish priest for their presence at the inauguration and we are waiting for the public ».

In the meantime, the previous 629 armchairs, 416 of the Ambra 1 and 213 of the Ambra 2 that Niccolò Tomelleri wanted to give, literally went like hot cakes. A gesture of attention to the environment in order not to create further waste that was greatly appreciated by aficionados of the Valpergese multiplex, who did not want to give up the opportunity to take home a “piece” of the history of cinematography written in our latitudes. Suffice it to say that waiting lists have even had to be used and not all requests have been met. –

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