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Variety of options to dress the Baby Jesus – breaking latest news

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Variety of options to dress the Baby Jesus – breaking latest news

Various clothes to dress the Baby Jesus.

The Christmas season is approaching and, in the religious sphere, the acquisition of images of the Child Jesus and his outfits becomes more and more frequent. The journalistic team of Diario Crónica toured the central part of the city, with the purpose of reporting on the sale of the renowned dresses intended for representations of the Child Jesus.


In dialogue with Diario Crónica, Mariana Macas, owner of the Multiflor store, located on Miguel Riofrío and Sucre streets, is in charge of making these dresses for the images of the Children Jesus, a work she has carried out for the last two decades.

The skilled artisan is not only responsible for acquiring the materials necessary for its production, but also for selecting between various fabrics, such as satin, fretwork, lace, ribbons and, in some cases, wool.

The preparation of the dresses is adjusted to the specific measurements of each representation of the Image. The variety of costumes is wide, including options such as shepherd, Cuenca cholo, gala, police, among others. As for prices, these vary according to the model and range from USD 15, 25, 50 and 70, depending on the client’s choice, in terms of elegance, decoration or simplicity of the suit.

Traditionally, people choose a specific color to dress the Baby Jesus, as a sign of gratitude for the blessings received. For example, green symbolizes prosperity and hope, yellow represents health and well-being, red denotes love, and white is frequently used when blessing the image of the Child for the first time.

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A few days before celebrating Christmas, Loja families go to clothing stores to purchase clothes for Baby Jesus. The last month of the year, December, is a month of high demand, in the religious sense. (YO)


This year, the marketing of the image of the Child Jesus has experienced a significant increase in price, marking a notable difference compared to previous years.

The cost can start from USD 10 and varies depending on the size and material in which it is made.

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