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Virna Johnson attacked the Superintendent of Public Services

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Virna Johnson attacked the Superintendent of Public Services

Through social networks, the mayor of Santa Marta sent a message to Dagoberto Quiroga, superintendent of public services, an entity that keeps the Essmar company under control.

This is after a press conference held on November 27, in which Quiroga received from the hands of EPMintervening agent of the Essmara report on the last year of management of the company, which he himself described as positive.

During the event, Quiroga highlighted that both the president Gustavo Petrolike the party Citizen Force headed by Carlos Caicedohave repeatedly asked him to return control of the company to the District of Santa Marta. However, the superintendent mentioned that this was not possible because the causes that led to Essmar’s intervention still persist.

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Almost 24 hours after the statements of Dagoberto Quiroga, the mayor of Santa Marta, Verna Johnsonspoke about it.

Superintendent Dagoberto Quiroga describes our insistence that Essmar be returned to the Samarians as an “unjustified demand.” In each neighborhood, the improvisation of ESSMAR in the provision of its services and its passivity with Atesa, which has Santa Marta flooded with garbage, is evident.” the mayor published.

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The president also pointed out that with his actions, Superintendent Quiroga has delayed the provision of quality service for the Samarians for more than two years.

“The President thinks differently. @PetroGustavo, who agrees with us on the need for the Samarians to be guaranteed the provision of public services that they deserve and not give them instead, as the superintendent insists, more delaying actions that for 2 years have put on hold the urgent solutions that Santa Marta needs.added Virna Johnson.

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