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Warm people’s hearts with tense blood donation in winter

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Warm people’s hearts with tense blood donation in winter

Warm people’s hearts with tense blood donation in winter

Release date: 2022-12-22 18:53

Source of information: Jiashan County


Since the beginning of winter, the temperature has continued to drop, citizens’ outdoor activities have decreased, and the blood collection volume of mobile blood collection vehicles and blood donation houses has decreased. On December 21, Taozhuang Town organized a voluntary blood donation event. Nearly a hundred caring people rolled up their sleeves and donated blood for “emergency relief”. They interpreted the volunteer spirit with practical actions and brought warmth to this cold winter.

I heard that there was a voluntary blood donation event at the Taozhuang Town Cultural Center that day, and many caring people who work and live in the local area came here one after another. After on-site evaluation, citizen Wu Juntao donated 300ml of blood. “I come to donate blood once a year.” He said that he is usually in good health, and he came here thinking that donating blood can help more people in need. So far, he has donated more than 1,000ml of blood.

In the blood donation team that day, a group of young people in blue overalls stood out. They were 14 members of the full-time fire rescue team of Taozhuang Town. “The physical fitness of our team members is still relatively good. Today, when we donate blood, the hit rate is relatively high, reaching about 95%. Everyone donated an average of 300ml.” Wu Weirong, captain of the full-time fire rescue team in Taozhuang Town, said.

At the scene, a mother and son sat face to face to donate blood. During this period, the mother has been comforting the son who donated blood for the first time, telling him to relax. “I brought my son to donate blood today, and I am also doing my part,” said Ling Fang, a citizen.

Nowadays, due to the increase in positive infections of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, voluntary blood donation and blood safety issues have attracted widespread attention from the public. According to professionals, those who are asymptomatic or mildly infected with the new coronavirus can participate in voluntary blood donation 7 days after the last positive result.

“Jiashan County Central Blood Bank strictly follows the guidelines issued by the National Health and Medical Commission for the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in blood stations, and continues to do a good job in blood collection and supply to ensure the clinical needs of medical institutions and the safety of blood use.” Jiashan County Center Chen Yixin, deputy director of the blood bank, said that the number of blood donations has decreased recently, and the supply of blood for clinical use is tight. He hopes that more caring teams and people will join the team of voluntary blood donations.

A total of 117 people participated in this blood donation activity, and 97 people successfully collected blood, with a total blood collection of 26,700ml. If citizens are willing to participate in blood donation, they can go to the love blood collection house on the east side of Baixinlong Supermarket, No. 36 Zhongshan West Road, Jiashan County. The opening hours are from 9 am to 2:30 pm every day (except for special circumstances).

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