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Was it Bad Bunny or his impersonator? The Puerto Rican would have appeared in Medellín

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Was it Bad Bunny or his impersonator? The Puerto Rican would have appeared in Medellín

‘Bad Bunny’ is one of the most recognized artists in the music industry who represent the urban genre. The interpreter of songs such as: “Ojitos lindos” and “Neverita”, has established itself as one of the most listened to singers on the main digital platforms in the world such as Spotify.

In the year 2022, the Puerto Rican appeared in the city of eternal spring, giving a magnificent show to all those attending the concert. However, this weekend rumors say that the musical interpreter would have returned to Medellín.

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There are several videos that are circulating on social networks, where a character is seen performing the singles of ‘Bad Rabbit’, and also, with the representative garments of the artist.

This fact has generated all kinds of debates in the digital media.a place where Internet users wonder if in reality the Puerto Rican showed up at the establishment or was just an impersonator.

The video that circulates in networks of ‘Bad Bunny’

In the video that is circulating in all digital media, you can see a man with features very similar to those of Benitohis face covered with a fisherman’s hat, with green Bermuda shorts and a white short-sleeved shirt.

However, many hypotheses assure that it would be one of the imitators of the Puerto Rican. Since in the video you can see how he kissed several women who came to hear him sing, and this is not something that the “Bad Bunny” would do.

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Definitely, the musical interpreter in recent years has established himself as one of the most influential artists of reggaetonand with this their songs do not stop playing at any event, even the radio programs are the first to highlight the hits of the Puerto Rican.

Besides, Rumors arose recently that ‘Bad Bunny’ and the well-known European model Kendall Jenner are in a loving relationship. However, neither of the two celebrities has referred to the issue.

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