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Wels: Start of a theater project that electrifies young audiences

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Wels: Start of a theater project that electrifies young audiences

The city of Wels and the “Junges Theater Wels” association are launching an ambitious cultural project to inspire the theater audience of tomorrow. Children and young people can experience theater with free offers such as an escape game and a reading night. And they can also take a look behind the scenes of the Greif City Theater from the basement to the attic.

“We want to shed the dusty image and break down inhibitions,” says cultural officer Vice Mayor Christa Raggl-Mühlberger (FP). Every child from Wels and the Wels-Land communities should have seen the griffin from the inside at least once. In the 2023/24 season, children and young people can attend plays for free. A contingent of seats is reserved for schools for evening performances. “The children who show interest are the audience of the future or maybe they will be on stage themselves,” says Raggl-Mühlberger.

The implementation of the project called PuK (pedagogy and art – cultural mediation for children, young people and young adults) is in the hands of the artistic director Gabriele-Kirsten Lutz, the chairman of the Junges Theater Wels, Dominik Samassa, and the theater educators Raphael Schaller and Ina Schuller.

“We want to give the children fun hours in the city theater with a playful approach and enable them to experience art and culture in a different way,” say Lutz and Samassa. It starts from October 2nd to 4th with an escape game for children in grades three to six. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare is the starting story. The students first take a seat at a large table and then have to solve various tasks at six stations in the house, such as putting together an outfit for the wedding, the orchestra pit becomes a play and forest backdrop and in the basement there is an obstacle course. There are still three appointments available in the afternoons (registration at: puk@jungestheaterwels.at). There is an accompanying folder for schools to help you prepare. If the escape game is well received, it should also be offered to families.

Sleepwalking in the theater

Other offers include a reading night with “A Thousand and One Nights” stories that are told and acted out. The children spend the rest of the night “sleepwalking” in the theater. Also planned are adventure tours to get to know theater life in front of and behind the scenes, a project to promote language skills for the youngest children and a theater day with workshops for young people.

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