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What does “meraki” mean, the watchword of the Meloni government

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What does “meraki” mean, the watchword of the Meloni government

«This is a time in which we should use that approach that the Greeks describe very well with an extraordinary word: “meraki”». Giorgia Meloni dictated the government line by enclosing it in one word: “meraki”. That is, explained the prime minister herself, “doing something with all of yourself, with all your passion and with all your soul”.

In a video sent to the inaugural convention of the Guido Carli Foundation, entitled “Brave energies. Forces that make the world move”, the Prime Minister underlined that “in the particularly complex moment that our nation is facing, we need to free up the best energies Italy has, to make those courageous choices which for too many years they weren’t done.” How to do? A word is enough for the premier and she has chosen the Greek term “passion”, which literally translates as «the essence of ourselves».

In common parlance it has taken on a broader meaning, it concerns anything you put your soul into. It could be translated into Italian with the word “con amore” or “with pleasure” and expresses a real lifestyle. “It is an approach – remarked Meloni – which in a moment of crisis like the one we are experiencing, from the progressive exit from the pandemic to the complex economic and international situation, can and must also offer our nation opportunities”.

«I have said it many times, precisely in relation to the energy crisis, and I am more and more convinced of it every day. Italy can emerge from this crisis stronger, it can emerge more autonomous than before but to do so it must have courage, vision, look beyond and imagine a long-term strategy – concluded the premier -. I am thinking, for example, of the possibility we have of relaunching our national energy production or of making our South a sort of energy supply hub for the whole of Europe. It would be unforgivable to miss opportunities like this.”

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Government, Meloni: “Our watchword is “meraki”: do something with all of yourself”


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