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What Generation Z needs to work

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What Generation Z needs to work

According to the futurologist, what the youngest generation, the so-called Generation Z, has been experiencing for several years can be described as a crisis. Pandemic, war, climate, culture of hate on the internet – of course this affects everyone, but the Z generation in one of their most formative phases of life. »This generation will need help«, so Horx. Nevertheless, he does not see bleak prospects for the coming generations, it is more important to combine the categories of doomsday mood and exaggerated optimism. Recognizing trends and counter-trends, dialectically combining thesis and antithesis into a synthesis is the order of the day. Looking at the future pragmatically in this way has little potential in terms of attention economy, but shows the highest probability when looking into the next few years and decades. »A majority-capable syntheses are often already there, even if nobody talks about them.«

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