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When did the city rush start? Dive into the history of the underground drive

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When did the city rush start?  Dive into the history of the underground drive


I like the concept. Streaming services offer a lot of content, but sometimes you end up not being able to choose. In the online cinema The Cinema Club you only get one movie at a time. It comes out on a Friday and you just know it’s going to be something out of the mainstream. The movie is available for free for seven days, after which it will be replaced by something else. The newsletter will let you know.

There is a documentary running now A Different Score by director Anaïs Ngbanzo. It features musician Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange), who is preparing a concert in his honor Juliusa Eastmana. That is, a black composer of minimalist and experimental music who ended up homeless and almost forgotten. This film also reminds him.


Married couples in show business do not have it easy. They experienced it too Louis Prima a Keely Smith. When they met, the singer was in her twenties and the trumpeter, singer and entertainer was 18 years older. They started not only a family, but also a musical combo. They became superstars, collecting Grammys and fame. However, affairs and tensions crushed their privacy.

But first they had a great time. I watch them perform together with a swing band and it’s a joy that makes you laugh. Play videos of the hits I’m in the Mood for Love, I’ve Got You Uder My Skin or That Old Black Magic. Relaxation, improvisation, comedian and great voices: a balm for gloomy days and moods.


The most pressing question for authors is – why do they write. It is different when they themselves comment on it: “Writing became my experience: for a moment I could feel that I was really present here. My need to write and the will that wants a fixed form met and merged. I decided to write, love and work on the life I was given.”

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I am reading a publication Stigma: write from the poet Mila Haugová. With it, the Slovak Literary Center is launching an author’s edition of bibliophilia on writing. The book/object in the (as usual) excellent design of the designer Pal Bálik offers an immersion into thinking about the work of the poetess, which itself becomes literature. Curiosity about the sequel is piqued.


Would you buy a wrecked car for a million dollars?

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