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Will there be Bing Dundun in the Metaverse? The manufacturer Yuanlong Yatu says it is laying out the metaverse – IT and Sports – cnBeta.COM

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Recently, the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics has attracted the attention of many netizens, and the mascot Bing Dun Dun has also become popular on the Internet, becoming a well-deserved top IP, which has also triggered a series of rush purchases of peripheral products.It is reported that it is now “hard to find a pier” in the whole country, and the market price of bing pier with an original price of more than 100 has skyrocketed dozens of times.

Zhao Weidong, a spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, has said: “We are increasing the coordination of related aspects and increasing the supply of Bingdundun.”

Bingdundun manufacturer Yuanlong Yatu also responded that Bingdundun was out of stock on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s “Interactive Easy” platform, saying that the hot-selling Winter Olympics licensed products in the market include Bingdundun (Xuerongrong) plush toys, hand-shaped toys, etc. Office, decorative buttons, crystal balls, as well as seven series of blind boxes, badges (mascot sports modeling series, countdown series, folk series), precious metals (opening ceremony countdown gold and silver bars, etc.) are all designed and produced by the company and sell products.

In view of the recent popularity of the above-mentioned Winter Olympics licensed products, the company has organized employees and factories to fully start production, fully coordinated production capacity allocation, ensured the supply of Winter Olympics licensed products, and tried its best to meet the needs of consumers.

It is worth noting that the Metaverse, which has been hyped up recently, may also have Bingdundun.

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The International Olympic Committee officially authorized the BingdunDun digital blind box

According to the Qichacha App, Yuanlong Yatu has applied for a number of metaverse-related trademarks this year, such as “Pin Universe”, “Interaction Universe”, “Wow Universe”, “Long Universe”, etc. It is not ruled out that Bingdun Metaverse will be developed product possibility.

Yuanlong Yatu also revealed that it will enter Metaverse and launch digital gifts, and is applying for registration of multiple trademarks related to Metaverse. The relevant Metaverse intellectual property rights have been formally reviewed and approved by the State Intellectual Property Office and officially entered the stage of legal review.

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