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Xi Jinping is furious and has hidden secrets, reveals the inside story of the substitution of Guangzhou No. 1 and No. 2 leaders | Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary | Zhang Shuofu | Wen Guohui

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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time December 08, 2021]The secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the mayor were replaced at the same time a few days ago, arousing public concern. Hong Kong media said that the dismissal was due to local banyan trees being cut down to arouse public outrage, and aroused dissatisfaction among high-level central authorities. However, some analysts believe that this statement is obviously intended to cover up, and the real cause of Xi Jinping’s anger is the Evergrande incident.

On December 3, the Communist Party of China officially notified that Lin Keqing, the executive vice governor of Guangdong Province, succeeded Zhang Shuofu as the secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the deputy governor of Guangdong Guo Yonghang replaced the “resigned” mayor Wen Guohui as the deputy mayor and acting mayor of Guangzhou. .

The public resume shows that Wen Guohui is a native of Jiexi, Guangdong, with a master’s degree in engineering; in June 2015, he was promoted to deputy governor of Guangdong Province; from January 2016, he concurrently served as deputy secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee; in February of the same year, he served as the mayor and municipal government of Guangzhou Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, retains the Deputy Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and resigns as the Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province.

Zhang Shuofu is a native of Changsha, Hunan. After being removed from the position of secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, he still serves as a member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and a member of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Zhang Shuofu served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Director of the Municipal Supervision Commission in Beijing before he became the Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee in July 2018.

The two officials mentioned above were replaced on the same day, arousing public concern. As a vice-provincial city, Guangzhou has the first and second in command to be replaced on the same day for the first time in nearly 40 years.

On December 4, the Hong Kong media “Sing Tao Daily” first broke the news that the old banyan trees in Guangzhou had been felled and moved in large numbers, and even reported to the central government. This caused dissatisfaction at the highest level, which led to the resignation of the Guangzhou secretary and mayor.

However, external analysis shows that the dismissal of the officialdom due to cutting down the banyan tree does not conform to the official rules of the Chinese Communist Party. According to the Chinese Communist Party’s official approach, even if officials are held accountable for such things as tree-cutting, they generally start with punishing grassroots officials. The replacement of the local No. 1 and No. 2 commanders on the same day for this reason was obviously an overwhelming attempt.

The well-known self-media “Cold Eyes of Finance and Economics” analyzed on the youtube channel program recently, and this incident is extraordinary. The argument that the removal of deputy provincial officials due to the felling of banyan trees is “unreliable.”

“Finance and Economics” believes, “(Wen Guohui and Zhang Shuofu) officials at this level cannot be dealt with by ordinary corruption, unless there is a major problem in the political squad. Otherwise, it will not be so easy to be removed.” And it is the two of them. It is even more impossible to be removed at the same time on the same day.

He analyzed that the two people were removed at the same time in order to cut down a few banyan trees. This did not conform to the rules of the Chinese Communist Party’s political system. The only explanation was that there were other reasons behind the removal of these two people. “Unless something big happened, negligence of duty or joint and several liability, otherwise it will not be replaced at the same time.”

According to the analysis of “financial cold eye”, this replacement incident should be related to the recent Evergrande incident, which caused dissatisfaction among the top CCP officials.

On the evening of December 3, Evergrande Group issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange stating that it had received a US$260 million guarantee obligation request, but “in view of the current liquidity situation, the group is not sure whether it has sufficient funds to continue to perform its financial responsibilities. “.

After the announcement, the Guangdong Provincial Government interviewed Xu Jiayin, the founder of Evergrande, and sent a working group to Evergrande. The Central Bank of the Communist Party of China, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission expressed their views overnight to appease the market.

“Finally cold eye” believes that the debt crisis of Evergrande and the role played by the Guangzhou government may irritate Xi Jinping, so he quickly adopted replacement measures.

He said, “Xu Jiayin spread the mess too much. Without the protection of political power, he would not be able to do it. The officials of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and the central government should have allocated a lot of money, and they can’t get rid of the relationship.”

“Financial Chill” believes that Xu Jiayin uses Evergrande to threaten the CCP, which is the same as the pattern of issuing a letter of help in 2020. Now the CCP is trying to introduce foreign capital to cut “foreign leeks.” Evergrande’s breach of appointment will affect the CCP’s reputation system, with serious consequences. The whole world should be sanctioned, and Xu Jiayin cannot afford it. The CCP rescued Evergrande last year. Now Evergrande has threatened the CCP repeatedly and the CCP’s senior officials are also on fire. That’s why the senior officials in Guangzhou were removed.

Evergrande Group broke out a debt crisis of up to 300 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, causing concerns in the global market. However, the Chinese Communist Party no longer rescued them, and the bank stopped lending. “The Wall Street Journal” earlier quoted news that the Beijing authorities planned to slowly dismantle Evergrande, but to prevent it from collapsing and causing social unrest.

(Editor in charge: Wen Hui)

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