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Xi Jinping mentions “I will have no self” again, citing interpretations from all sides | Live up to the people | Cult of personality | Emerging religions

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[New Tang Dynasty News, June 30, 2021, Beijing time]On the eve of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping once again mentioned “I will have no me and live up to the people”. Arouse interpretation by all parties. Some experts believe that the atheistic Chinese Communist Party is engaged in a god-making movement, to be an “selfless” leader, and it also engages in a cult of personality. The Communist Party is becoming more and more like a new religion.

On June 29, when Xi Jinping awarded the July 1st Medal to 29 members of the Communist Party of China, he demanded that the whole party should have the feeling of “I will have no one and live up to the people.”

In response to this, Song Yongyi, a professor at California State University, Los Angeles, analyzed to Radio Free Asia that after Xi Jinping came to power, he followed Mao Zedong’s old path. The entire Communist Party has become Xi Jinping alone. How can it be called “no-self”? I am too much! The biggest “me”, the huge “me”!

Song Yongyi believes that Xi Jinping speaks of “no-self”, that is, I am the people, there is no small self, there is a big self, to speak nicely is to serve the people, but in reality the people are under the command and enslavement of the party.

Chen Yongfeng, director of the Japan Regional Research Center of Tunghai University in Taiwan, analyzed that: Xi Jinping said that “no-self” means that he does not have himself, but he has extended his tenure indefinitely. To a great extent, it is to explain his lack of self-confidence! If you have self-confidence, anyone can do it, and you don’t have to worry too much about your future consequences or fate.

Chen Yongfeng said that the CCP is atheist but creates gods. It is to be a “non-self” leader and engages in personality worship. The CCP has become more and more like a new religion, treating China as a colony of Zhongnanhai.

“I will have no me” is Zhongnanhai Pengan’s original creation?

Fa Guang reported that “no-self” is often used in Taoism and Buddhism. Some netizens ridiculed. Chairman Xi Jinping said “I will have no self”. Grammatically speaking, it is futuristic, which means that “no-self” will be achieved in the future. “,not now? When? After the realization of the century-old revival dream? The nondescript “I will have no self” should be the original creation of Zhongnanhai Bisha?

The report quoted analysts as saying that the “I” Xi Jinping said is the “big self” and the “party state”, which is what he said at the award ceremony that “the country is the people, and the people are the country”.

Analysts say that from the perspective of the Chinese Communist Party’s century-old history, people have always been a beautiful vocabulary. People adorn the country of the Communist Party. The ruler of the country is the CCP, and the leader of the CCP is Xi Jinping. The ruler is for his own sake, and the people’s blood is flowing in a river, regardless of it.

The report quoted Chinese political scholars as saying that in the eyes of the CCP, the rights that originally belonged to “you” can also be represented by “me”, and “you” cannot complain about it or be dissatisfied with it.

What Xi Jinping said “I will have no self” should also be related to the “loyalty” he talked about. Xi again mentioned “loyalty” in the award ceremony. It is to be “loyal” to the CPC Central Committee headed by Xi, that is, to be loyal to Xi himself.

From this point of view, Xi Jinping’s “I will have no self” is also a ruling term that requires others to obey “loyalty.” And it is even more absurd to put “I will have no self” and “live up to the people” together.

“I will have no self” was mocked

Xi Jinping’s statement that “I will have no self” has also raised questions from netizens. Some analysts said that since the establishment of the Communist Party of China, the party and the state have been united and have exercised the so-called “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Millions of Uighurs in Xinjiang are currently being tortured; the CCP has removed its mask on Hong Kong, arrested, suppressed, and imprisoned the opposition, forcing the truth-telling “Apple Daily” to close. Is this “I will live up to the people without me?” ?

Xi Jinping asked the CCP members to pretend to be the people and work for the people. However, the reality is that the CCP has not only prevented and controlled the masses and arrested petitioners on a large scale for the celebration of the Centennial Party, but also imposed traffic control on the roads near Tiananmen Square, implemented a second security check on express mail, and implemented radio control in some areas to ensure that the public is normal Life brings great disturbance.

At the same time, nine districts in Beijing have set up “clearance restricted zones”, prohibiting the launching of drones, flying planes and other aviation models, kites, balloons, sky lanterns, etc., including the restriction of flying birds in sections, etc. This brings a lot to the public. Inconvenience, there are even citizens arrested for using drones.

Cai Xia, a former retired professor of the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, tweeted on June 20: “The military police and the constitution were dispatched together to explicitly scare the people and spy on dissidents. Even Aunt Chaoyang was dispatched. The CCP might as well ask yourself: They see the people as possible dangerous hostiles, so what are they themselves?”

Xi Jinping mentioned “I will have no me” 2 years ago

The outside world has also noticed that the “I will have no self” mentioned by Xi Jinping this time is different from the meaning of “I will have no self” when he visited Europe two years ago. That time Xi Jinping confessed that “I will have no self”. This time it is asking the Communists to “I will have no self.”

“I will have no self” is a Buddhist term literally. It does not mean that there is no self, but the state of “selflessness”. When a person is doing something he is interested in, he will often reach a state of selflessness, temporarily forgetting himself.

Fa Guang analyzed at the time that “I will have no self and will live up to the people”, which should mean that we will not let down the people. However, when the Xiangshui explosion in Jiangsu Province, Xi gave instructions, but after returning to China, he did not mention the matter. According to the report, if you want to truly understand the meaning of “I will have no self”, you have to consult the three-dynasty emperor Huning of the Chinese Communist Party.

(Reporter Li Yun Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Li Quan)

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