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Young peasant drowned in the waters of the Cusiana River in Maní – news

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Young peasant drowned in the waters of the Cusiana River in Maní – news

Armed men broke into a farm in the village of La Comarca last night where the parents of Villanueva mayor Oswal Fontecha reside, and took the mayor’s mother Hilda Aurora Pachón to an unknown destination.

According to witnesses, Mrs. Pachón was taken away in a gray Toyota Hilux with license plates DMW296 that she owned, which was recovered at night; Regarding this fact, it was learned that the authorities captured a man who was driving the vehicle, who stated that they hired him to take him from Villanueva to Maní.

Authorities are advancing since last night a padlock plan in the south of Casanare to try to find the whereabouts of the mayor’s mother and her kidnappers.

Villanueva mayor’s office referred to the kidnapping

The Villanueva Municipal Mayor’s Office with deep regret confirmed the unfortunate kidnapping of the municipality’s social manager. This act of violence is condemnable and reprehensible in all aspects, the statement says.

Similarly, they expressed solidarity and unconditional support to the Mayor and his family in these difficult times. Calling on the competent authorities to carry out the necessary investigations and take the corresponding actions to guarantee the prompt release of the first lady of the municipality and to capture those responsible for this fact.

From the municipal administration, they urge the community to collaborate with the authorities, providing any relevant information that may contribute to the clarification of this crime.

Government pronounces on the work of the authorities

The departmental government rejected the kidnapping and highlighted the work carried out by the authorities from the first moment the abduction of Mrs. Pachón became known, from there the order was given to spare no efforts and tools so that she could be returned to the freedom, also so that those responsible are identified and captured.

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Statement of Fedemunicipios

The Colombian Federation of Municipalities strongly rejected the kidnapping of Hilda Aurora Pachón.

Gilberto Toro Giraldo, Executive Director of Fedemunicipios, asked the national government headed by President Petro and the country’s armed forces to deploy everything necessary to find the mother of Mayor Oswal alive as well as provide the necessary protection to municipal officials to that events like this do not happen again and that we do not have to remember unfortunate times when local officials and their families were military objectives of groups outside the Law.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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