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Your name on an orchid…

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Your name on an orchid…

An orchid perennializes the name of Gladys Eljuri, a genuine tribute to her career linked to culture, tourism and service beyond her contribution to the development of the city. As José Portilla, an executive from Ecuagenera, says, naming an orchid after him means immortalizing it, because it is registered forever, at the RHS Royal Horticulture Society, as Oncidium Gladys Eljuri.

The designation of this new variety of orchid, with the name of Gladys Eljuri, is a special recognition of her love for the city, her passion for its culture and the exuberant natural landscape of exotic species and flowers: city, culture and landscape , pillars of tourism, a sector to which he served with special dedication from the Ministry of Tourism, the International Tourism Exchange, the Cuenca Tourism Foundation and from his passion for the Cuenca landscape of hills, valleys, roofs and rivers always in bloom. The Oncidium Gladys Eljuri orchid is a counterpoint of red and yellow with a predominance of red, colors that identify the city of Cuenca and appear on its flag. To produce this new variety, around 1000 species have been combined, through a biotechnology procedure, typical of Ecuagenera, which consists of crossing the pollen of the plants, generating a wide variation of colors and from this range selecting the best quality and , thus obtained the new orchid, proceed to its cloning. This new variety of orchid, once registered with the Royal Horticulture Society, becomes Universal Heritage and its name immortalized.

The recognition of our people is becoming a tradition in Cuenca society and the example always comes from the local, from the private, from admiration, gratitude and from the heart, as in this case, immortalizing their name in the essence, charm and nuances of a new orchid, a symbol species of the city and the region. (EITHER)

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