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2023 TOP SNOW Warriors Challenge Conquers Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain

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Title: Inaugural TOP SNOW Warriors Challenge Showcases Athletes’ Skills at the Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area

Date: August 13, 2023

Chengdu, China: The first-ever TOP SNOW Warriors Challenge took place on August 13 at the stunning Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area, attracting an impressive turnout of nearly a thousand participants. Sponsored by TOP SNOW and organized in collaboration with local authorities, the event offered athletes the chance to showcase their skills and resilience on the challenging mountain terrain.

The TOP SNOW Warriors Challenge featured three distinct groups: the Elite Warrior Challenge, Open Elite Challenge, and Parent-Child Obstacle Race. The centerpiece of the competition was the cross-country challenge, a grueling 12km route that commenced at Yingxue Square and traversed various scenic spots, including Yingxue Lake, the grass skating field, panda track, snow leopard track, and bicycle downhill track. Participants could immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscape of Xiling Snow Mountain while experiencing the thrill of off-road racing.

Parallel to the cross-country challenge, the Parent-Child Obstacle Race provided a unique opportunity for parents and children to bond and foster teamwork. Spanning a 3km track, this race included three specially designed obstacles that required the seamless collaboration of parents and children. By completing these challenges together, families not only enjoyed the excitement but also strengthened their connection and communication.

Following a fiercely competitive event, the top three winners in the Elite Warrior Challenge (men’s group) were Yang Xiaohua, Ren Hao, and Zhang Junjie. In the women’s group, Dong Tian, Jiang Wenli, and Wang Snow emerged victorious. In the Open Elite Challenge (men’s group), the top honors went to Xia Zongyong, Yang Quanjiang, and Zou Pengju. Meanwhile, Wu Jie, Deng Xingchen, and Zhao Juan clinched the top three positions in the Open Elite Challenge (women’s group). In the Parent-Child Obstacle Race, Peng Yong-Peng Jingxi, Wang Gaojun-Wang Zitong, and Zeng Qiang-Zeng Dexuan stood out as the outstanding performers.

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The challenging terrain and stunning backdrop of Xiling Snow Mountain made the TOP SNOW Warriors Challenge a truly remarkable and exciting event for participants and spectators alike. Athletes were able to appreciate the beauty of the mountain in summer while pushing their physical and mental boundaries.

The successful organization of this inaugural event was made possible through the collaboration between TOP SNOW and local authorities. With its thrilling courses and a diverse range of challenges, the TOP SNOW Warriors Challenge is poised to become a prominent fixture in the world of endurance sports.

(Huang Zhiling, Sichuan reporter, China Daily)

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