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A tribute from a legend? Vadlejch is breaking records and looking for alchemy

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A tribute from a legend?  Vadlejch is breaking records and looking for alchemy

“That was probably misunderstood,” Vadlejch tried to relativize his coach’s words with a smile. “But it’s true that I really improved my training personal records this year. Not only the most important javelin events, but also jumping and strength events,” he admits.

In such a technical discipline as the javelin, where the details matter, the equation that more power automatically equals more meters does not apply. “It’s often the other way around. The stronger, faster and more jumpy you are, the more difficult it is to combine with the technique, because all the forces can diverge. It’s alchemy,” admits Vadlejch.

He postponed to celebrate the jubilee
For the thirtieth time, elite Czech athletes will compete against attractive world competition at the Josef Odložil Memorial in Prague on Monday evening. The meeting of the bronze category of the continental tour, commemorating the memory of the silver Olympic medalist in the 1500 m from Tokyo 1964, will decorate the Juliska stadium, especially the men’s races. Czech shot put record holder Tomáš Staněk and Olympic silver medalist in javelin throw Jakub Vadlejch showed excellent form at the beginning of the season. At the last moment, pole vault medalist from this year’s European Indoor Championships Amálie Švábíková had to apologize. “Unfortunately, she sprained her ankle,” reported the leader of the meeting, Miroslav Ševčík. Entrance to the meeting is traditionally free, free tickets can be raffled and enhanced transport is prepared for fans from the Hradčanská metro stop.

“It’s a dream start. Last year I had the first race for 90, but the second for 83. And this year I didn’t have a single attempt shorter than 83 meters,” he can boast of great statistics.

He would like to extend it on Monday at the Josef Odložil Memorial at his home stadium, where he has already won five times. “I don’t want to say that I throw terribly far, but I know that there are huge meters in me,” he does not hide. “I would like to put on my best performance this year,” he vowed.

The program of Monday’s Memorial of Josef Odložil
17.00 javelin W (Ogrodníková, Kolová), 17.30 pole W, 18.02 distance M (Juška) and height W (Hrubá), 18.10 100 m breaststroke, 18.25 110 m breaststroke, 18.40 1500 m M (Sasínek, Friš), 18.55 200 m Women and javelin M (Vadlejch, Krukowski, Abdelrahman), 19.00 shot put M (Staněk, Kokoško), 19.05 400 m breaststroke M (Copello), 19.15 400 m breaststroke W (Jíchová), 19.20 800 m women, 19.30 3000 m BC, 19.45 400 m M (Maslák), 19.52 100 m M (Cisse, Mena). ČT sport broadcasts live from 6 p.m.

The organizers’ promise that they will throw from the side from which the weather conditions favor them should play into the cards for the javelin throwers. “It’s uncomfortable for me when it’s blowing from the left. On Juliska, it usually blows from Bohnice, it’s great for us that we can choose before the race,” he appreciates.

“This does not happen in the Diamond League, everything is controlled by television. Even though, for example, we said now in Doha through the managers that if they turned the sector around, we could see extremely long throws, which would only be attractive for athletics,” explains Vadlejch, who has been on the podium at the World Championships for the past two years. Europe and the Olympic Games.

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