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“A whole new set-up for a Banco to be discovered”

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From today part of the biancoblù group will get to work at the PalaSerradimigni Il giemme Federico Pasquini: “So many changes and great enthusiasm”

SASSARI. The taste of the challenge, the curiosity to see how the puzzle built during the summer works in the field, the patience of those who know that – like every year – the new engine must be oiled, run in, let go.

Today the Dinamo edition 2021-’22 will meet at PalaSerradimigni for the first day of work in view of the twelfth season in the Serie A championship. It will be a “half Dynamo”, actually, because most of the foreigners will join the group this week and probably only after Ferragosto coach Demis Cavina will be able to have the whole roster available. In the meantime, however, from the control room, the general manager Federico Pasquini tries to look ahead and make the cards of the newly built team.

“Until we see the whole group at work it will be difficult to make a clear assessment – says Pasquini, in his eleventh year at Dinamo -. The general idea we followed was to build a team suited to how Demis loves to play: therefore it was right to raise the athleticism rate, while trying to have more defensive skills to condition the opponents and have more players able to find solutions in broken play or pick & roll situations. In general, the growth of young players under the basket will also be important, in particular Mekowulu ».

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After three seasons, or from the Esposito management onwards, Banco di Sardegna has always been characterized by a clear play-pivot backbone. With the departure of Marco Spissu and Miro Bilan, we start from a completely different approach. «We spent a year with Jack Cooley and two with Bilan making different choices – explains the manager from Ferrara -. This doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to send the ball to the low post, but every coach has their own idea of ​​basketball and trying to ape something that’s no longer there doesn’t really make sense. For the ambitions of Miro and Marco, it would have made no sense to force something that was already finished. Both have done a lot for us, they will remain in Dinamo’s history but they had clear ambitions. Miro was about to expire, Marco had another year on his contract and there was a specific will on his part. We have moved accordingly ».

Clear differences, at least on paper, with a new set-up that will need time to be properly oiled. «When a technical project runs out – continues Pasquini – many changes inevitably arrive that must be assimilated. Once again we have privileged the motivational aspect, which has been the secret of many players who have passed through here who have done great things: when there is a sort of re-foundation the important thing is not to weaken, the operation must be painless and second we succeeded, creating an important backbone. It will take patience and it will be important above all to work hard at the beginning ».

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«In the new structure – underlines the biancoblù giemme – Bendzius will still be a key man. We aim to be dangerous on the perimeter but also to develop the predisposition to internal play of some of the young people, in whom we strongly believe. The conditions of Diop? It is monitored daily, we have to wait but we are optimistic ».

One of the main qualities of the new Dinamo could be the flexibility of many of the elements of the roster. “It’s true. We can be that big or become small, have a very internal game or widen the field. We may be able to do a mammoth perimeter by deploying a player like Battle da play, but this is just one example. It is important to be able to change the set-up from time to time, because both in Serie A and in the Champions League whoever made it all the way had a great tactical flexibility ».

The beginning of the pre-season, for those who “make” the market, is also the moment in which you begin to touch the summer work firsthand. «It is an interesting moment – says Pasquni -, you want to try to understand if those you have followed for the whole year are then as you imagined them. I’m curious to see how the team will work after the upheaval of the backbone, and I can’t wait to see the young and long Italians at work. Then my age allows me to be realistic enough not to have high expectations immediately. It will take patience, maybe a couple of months, but I’m very confident ».

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