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Alexandre Guimarães Reveals Why He Will Never Lead Deportivo Cali in Colombian Soccer

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Alexandre Guimarães Reveals Why He Will Never Lead Deportivo Cali in Colombian Soccer

The Betplay League was in the spotlight as Alexandre Guimarães, the potential new technical director of Deportes Tolima, discussed the reasons behind his failed move to the team. In an interview on Caracol Radio, Guimarães revealed that despite agreeing on conditions with the club, his arrival could not be realized, and David González was chosen as the new director instead.

Guimarães expressed his gratitude to Deportes Tolima and its president for their understanding of the situation. He acknowledged that these types of things happen in football and need to be accepted. He mentioned that Tolima has always respected the processes of their technical bodies.

When asked about interest from Junior, Guimarães confirmed that there were rumors and approaches from people close to the club but no official contacts through his representative.

The Brazilian coach also expressed his gratitude for the interest shown by various Colombian football clubs. He appreciated the respect and professional treatment he and his coaching staff have received throughout his career in Colombia. “There is no doubt” about the affection and place they have earned through hard work, he stated.

However, Guimarães did mention one team that he will never coach in Colombian football. He declared, “I will never coach Deportivo Cali.” He compared this sentiment to other colleagues who have said the same about coaching América. He emphasized that taking charge of América has helped him gain the respect of highly regarded technicians, but coaching Deportivo Cali has never crossed his mind.

Guimarães also spoke about his last process in América, stating that he ended up exhausted. Despite working at important clubs in different places, he expressed disappointment in not being able to close the circle at América. He mentioned that his fifteen-month job there was tremendous, and he left the club in a good sporting and organizational situation.

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Overall, Guimarães remains open to any future opportunities and believes there is still room in Colombia to showcase his work as a coach.

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