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Austria’s men’s relay team in eighth place

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Austria’s men’s relay team in eighth place

Austria’s biathletes took eighth place on Sunday at the World Cup in Hochfilzen in the men’s 4 x 7.5 km relay with Dominic Unterweger, David Komatz, Felix Leitner and Patrick Jakob. Norway won the victory ahead of France and Germany.

GEPA/Harald Steiner

The ÖSV quartet was in sixth place for a long time, but Jakob incurred two penalties in the last shooting and lost two more places. The Austrians finished fourth in the first relay race of the season in Östersund. Simon Eder, who was ill this time, was there at the time.

The women’s relay competition is still on the program in the afternoon, and the Austrians can hope for a strong result after their recent performances. The race can be seen live on ORF1 and in the live stream from 2:15 p.m.

Men’s relay (4 x 7.5 km): 1. Norway Laegreid, T. Bö, JT Bö, Christiansen 1:15:38.5 0/5* 2. France Perrot, Jacquelin, Claude, Fillon Maillet + 28, 7 0/6 3. Germany Zobel, Kühn, Nawrath, Doll 1:06.9 1/9 4. Italy 1:24.1 0/11 5. Ukraine 2:24.9 0/3 6. Sweden 2:36 .4 2/14 7. Switzerland 4:01.6 0/12 8.


Unterweger, Komatz, Leitner, Jakob 4:23.5 3/10 9. Slovenia 4:42.1 5/7 10. Romania 4:46.9 0/6

* Penalty laps/spare rounds

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