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Barça CBS runs out of energy and falls to Ensino

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Barça CBS runs out of energy and falls to Ensino

Act. a las 22:43


A bad first half condemned Isaac Fernández’s men, who came close to coming back after a brilliant third quarter

Alba Prieto’s 17 points were decisive for the Galicians

He Barca CBS could not add the 11th victory of the season in the Endesa Women’s League and fell by 56-66 before him Teaching, in a two-sided match marked by a bad first half by the Catalans, and a reaction in the third quarter that could not be finished in the last 10 minutes.


Endesa Women’s League





(12+12+21+11): Anderson (8), Rueda (0), Bermejo (0), Canella (8), Rakovic (7), Guerrero (9), Llobet (3), Cruz (7), Lopez (3), Mircheva (-) and Hamblin-Davis (11).


(19+23+9+15): Olaeta (2), Prieto (17), Segura (4), Castedo (8), Ginzo (12), Aliaga (6), Roundtree (7), Giomi (8) and Martianez (2).


Pol Franquesa, Jesús Marcos Martínez and Sergio Acevedo. No eliminations due to fouls


Match corresponding to the 20th day of the Endesa Women’s Basketball League played before 300 people in the Juan Carlos Navarro Pavilion in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

The match started with a worrying lack of energy in the blaugrana, uninspired in attack and permissive in defence. Isaac Fernández’s team did not score from two in the first quarter, in which they only managed three triples and another three free throws scored by Ruth Hamblin Davis. For their part, the Galician team easily found the basket, with free shots and great success that made them leave with the score at 12-19 after the first 10 minutes.

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Barça CBS needed a reaction, and it came in part when they managed to get just five points away (18-23), but from that moment on, Ensino put the attack directly and they rose to an 18-point lead with which they it came to rest (24-42). The positive note was the debut with the team of Deva Bermejo in the Endesa Women’s League, who entered the game to try to reverse the dynamics.

The game called for the Barca epic, already experienced on previous nights at the Juan Carlos Navarro in Sant Feliu de Llobregat. And in that gorge, in which any other team would lower its arms, Barça CBS takes character y determination. The defensive zone, which choked the Galicians, also helped. The shots from the azulgranas began to enter, more warrior and physical near the basket, and the distance evaporated until they managed to drop to six points (45-51) with which they reached the last quarter.

Martha Canella He opened the last period for Barça CBS, but the physical effort put in in the third quarter began to take its toll. The defense lost effectiveness and the brilliance returned to the attack of the Galicians, who again went on the scoreboard by more than 10 points (52-64). The azulgranas made the same mistakes as in the first half again and it turned out to be impossible to save the tenth defeat of the season, which balances the balance with the victories in the table.

Now comes a stoppage of selections that will come in handy to recover energy and that will be special for cinnamon, the ‘8’ azulgrana who will be with the absolute, with the possibility of being able to debut under the orders of Miguel Méndez.

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