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Beijing Guoan Faces Injury Crisis as they Take on Shenzhen Team in Crucial Super League Match

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Tonight at 7:35 against the Shenzhen team, which has lost four games in a row

Look at Guoan’s bench depth geometry

Beijing Evening News reporter Wang Yang

Tonight, the Beijing Guoan team will host the Shenzhen team in the 15th round of the Chinese Super League. This game is the last game of the first cycle of the Chinese Super League this season. The Guoan team, currently ranked seventh in the standings, hopes to use a victory to narrow the points gap with the championship group. Coach Suarez said that although the team has recently suffered injuries, it will still strive to win and play well at home.

Su Shuai faces injury attacks

The Guoan team took away 3 points from Chengdu’s “Devil” at home in the last round. Suarez won his first victory in the Super League. This round faced the Shenzhen team, which is the third from the bottom of the standings. It is an opportunity to show. The players have been improving, and some things were not satisfactory before. I hope this game can be done well. I hope that the whole team can win with unity and hard work, so that the fans can enjoy it.

The Guoan team has recently suffered extensive injuries, and 5 to 6 players in this game were unable to play due to injuries. In this regard, Suarez does not shy away, “There are many injuries in the team, and we may not be so lucky now. We must actively find solutions to the problem. Everything has two sides, especially for those who have worked hard for playing time before. It is a good opportunity for the substitute players.” The newcomer ushered in the opportunity to play

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In the previous two game press conferences, Yang Liyu and Li Lei attended together with Su Shuai. Unfortunately, both of them were injured in the current round of the game. In addition to the main striker Zhang Yuning who had undergone surgery before, the foreign aid Jiang Xiangyou who scored 4 goals, and the young defender Ruan Qilong, there were as many as 5 players who could not play. Yesterday, Liang Shaowen and Duan Dezhi, who failed to play in the Super League due to being selected for the Olympic team, performed actively in the field training. The 23-year-old winger Fang Hao scored his first goal in the Chinese Super League against Haigang. The 20-year-old forward Yan Yu entered the team’s squad for three consecutive games and came off the bench twice. Suarez said: “Regardless of young players or old players, as long as they show their ability and determination, they will have the opportunity to play.” If the main players cannot break the deadlock tonight, the newcomers will usher in opportunities.

House seemingly endless rain

The Shenzhen team has suffered a four-game losing streak in the Super League. Assistant coach Xiang Jun said at the press conference, “Double games a week, the schedule is tight, and our preparations focus on adjustment and recovery. Coming to Xingongti, the team is full of expectations because here there is a very good atmosphere in the stadium, and we hope that under the background of this atmosphere, we can dedicate a wonderful game to the fans.”

The Shenzhen team’s recent losing streak is also directly related to the extensive injuries of the players. They have only one foreign aid, Achim Peng, who can play in many games. In last night’s on-court training, none of the Shenzhen team’s foreign players showed up. Tonight’s match against Guoan, the Shenzhen team is likely to use the “all-China class”. In this regard, Xiang Jun said helplessly, “At this stage of the game, it is normal to have injuries. The team’s injury number is recovering as soon as possible with the help of the medical team. We are also ready to deal with it. Measures to add healthy players to the lineup in time. As far as this game is concerned, we can still deal with it normally.”

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Team member Zhang Yuan said, “I’m very happy when I came to Beijing. Guoan is a very strong opponent, but we will definitely go all out for this game. Beijing’s football market is one of the best in the country. Yes, we will enjoy the game and give the fans a good performance during the game.”

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