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Beijing-Shanghai men’s volleyball team advanced to Super League finals-Sports-中工网

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Beijing-Shanghai men’s volleyball team advanced to Super League finals-Sports-中工网

Original title: Beijing-Shanghai men’s volleyball team advances to Super League finals

China Sports News On January 1, the 2022-2023 Chinese Men’s Volleyball Super League staged a New Year’s Day battle in Baoding, Hebei. The league’s 16-time champion Shanghai Guangming Men’s Volleyball Team defeated Zhejiang Sports Lottery Men’s Volleyball Team 3-0 in the third round of the semi-final. Defeated the opponent 2-1 and advanced to the finals of the Men’s Volleyball Super League this season. They will compete with the previous champion Beijing Automobile Men’s Volleyball Team for the championship.

Shanghai Men’s Volleyball Team and Zhejiang Men’s Volleyball Team drew 1-1 in the first two rounds of the semi-final. Zhang Jingyin, the core player of the Zhejiang team, was seriously injured in the last round of the game. Although he was able to play in this game, he was unable to shoulder the team’s offensive tasks. He was more responsible for passing and passing tasks on the court. His injury had a greater impact on the Zhejiang team. In contrast to the Shanghai team, foreign aid came on the stage after Julio recovered from injury, and the overall strength of the Shanghai team has been improved.

In the first game, the Shanghai team quickly entered the state and blossomed more points. The serve also caused a lot of trouble for the Zhejiang team. The Shanghai team took the next game 25 to 16.

In the second game, the Shanghai team continued the good form of the first game. Due to the injury of Zhang Jingyin, the Zhejiang team lost its main offensive point. Many difficult balls and adjustment balls could not form an attack, and they were in a passive situation. After Julio of the Shanghai team came on the field, he activated the offensive firepower of the Shanghai team and also caused difficulties for the Zhejiang team to block the defense. The Shanghai team scored another victory 25-16.

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In the third game, out of the consideration of protecting the athletes, the Zhejiang team replaced Zhang Jingyin by Li Chengkang. The Shanghai team still firmly grasped the rhythm of the field. Although the Zhejiang team scored consecutive points with Wang Bin’s serve at the last moment, they still lost to their opponents . 25 to 18, the Shanghai team won the third game and won the game 3-0, thereby reversing the Zhejiang team with a total score of 2-1 to enter the final.

In this game, the three foreign players of the Shanghai team scored in double figures, the main attacker Bed Noelz scored a team-high 15 points, and the Zhejiang team focused on Wang Bin who scored a game-high 18 points, but none of the other players scored in double figures.

This season’s Men’s Volleyball Super League final will start on January 4. The Beijing Automobile Men’s Volleyball Team will compete with the Shanghai Guangming Men’s Volleyball Team for the league championship.

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