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Beijing Youth Women’s Ice Hockey Team lost 0-3 to Sichuan Team-Sports-China Engineering Network

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The Beijing Daily Hulunbuir reported that the Beijing Youth Women’s Ice Hockey Team suffered a 0-3 loss to the Sichuan Team in the final round of the 14th Winter Women’s Ice Hockey Youth Group competition.

The two favorite teams, Sichuan and Beijing, faced off in a highly anticipated match, with both teams having achieved two consecutive victories in the earlier rounds of the competition. The Sichuan team, which was established just over four years ago, has quickly risen to prominence, winning the National Youth Championship last year and sending eight players to participate in the U18 World Championship B Group A match last month.

On the other hand, the Beijing team has also contributed several players to the U18 World Championships and the Winter Youth Olympics, and had high hopes for success in the 14th Winter competition.

However, it was the Sichuan team that dominated the match, with as many as 51 effective shots on goal compared to Beijing’s 18. Sichuan’s Meng Fancong broke the deadlock with a goal at 8 minutes and 20 seconds into the second game, followed by another goal from Fang Yiran at 17 minutes and 39 seconds. With the Beijing team unable to mount a comeback, the Sichuan team sealed the victory with a third goal, ending the game 0-3.

The loss will be a disappointment for the Beijing team, which had hoped for a strong performance in the competition. Despite the defeat, both teams have secured qualification for the next stage of the competition, where they will have the opportunity to redeem themselves and compete for further success in the tournament.

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