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Bundesliga: Bayern’s upset loss to Augsburg Mueller suffers “mileage sadness” | Bundesliga | Team Augsburg

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[Epoch Times November 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xia Qiao reported) On November 19, German time, the first match of the twelfth round of the Bundesliga. Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich lost 1:2 to the Augsburg team, which was in the relegation zone, and suffered a second league defeat this season.

In this game, Bayern Munich (Bayern) star Thomas Muller ushered in the 600th game of his Bayern career. In the 599 games previously played on behalf of Bayern, Muller scored 220 goals and contributed 182 assists, directly participating 402 goals were scored.

In the away game against the third-bottom-ranked Augsburg team in the Bundesliga, Mueller hopes to celebrate his milestone night with a victory.

However, the game did not develop in the direction Bayern expected. In the 23rd minute, Augsburg attacked from the left. Pitzsen scored the ball to left back Iago who was inserted into the edge. Iago made a high pass. Bayern defender Lucas took the first kick to grab Augs. Fort team forward Zeqiri blocked the ball before, but the ball still fell in the penalty area, followed by Bitzsen volleyed the ball with his left foot, the ball sank into the dead corner, Augsburg 1:0 Lead.

The Augsburg team Bitzsen opened the scoring for the team, and the goal was also Bitzsen’s Bundesliga first goal. (Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

In the 35th minute, Zeqiri broke the ball from Bayern midfielder Sabice and then divided it to Iago. Iago passed from the side. Center Hahn forced Lucas to grab a header in the penalty area. The ball bounced back and went straight. Going to the lower right corner of the goal, goalkeeper Neuer struggled to save. Although he touched the ball, he was unable to block the ball. The Augsburg team expanded their lead.

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Bayern, two goals behind, wakes up like a dream. In the 38th minute, Bayern right-back Paval passed a half-high ball from the right to the penalty area. Muller used his right heel to pick the ball behind him to Lewandowski (Lewan). Lewand volleyed directly. The shot scored, Bayern pulled back 1 goal.

In the second half of the game, Bayern continued to strengthen their offense. In the 79th minute, Muller found a passing line from the gap between the eight defensive players of the Augsburg team, and the ground bouncing ball passed to Lewand in the penalty area. Lewand slightly adjusted the kick and shot, but the shot was too correct. Being saved by the goalkeeper, Davis’s supplementary shot was higher than the goal.

In the 84th minute, Bayern midfielder Musharra broke away from the defense in the Augsburg penalty area and kicked the goal and was blocked by the goalkeeper. The Augsburg defender failed to kick the ball far, and Muller followed up with a shot. , The ball is slightly wide of the goal. In the whole game, Bayern had a ball possession rate of 79% and a total of 18 shots, but they never scored again. In the end, they lost 1:2 to the Augsburg team and broke the upset.

The victory over the powerful Bayern made Augsburg coach Weinzier ecstatic. (Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

In this game, Bayern coach Nagelsman arranged a three-back formation. Although it has been proven many times in previous games that the three-back is not suitable for Bayern, Nagelsmann still wants to try the formation he used to coach the Leipzig Red Bulls in the face of underdogs. However, in this game, the Bayern players in this formation are still unable to perform at a normal level. Obviously, the “4231” formation is still the best choice for the Bayern team.

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In addition to the 600 milestones of Mueller’s Bayern career, this game also produced a number of records: Davis, who came off the bench, played for Bayern for the 100th time; Lewand became the first since 2013 to score at least 63 goals in a single calendar year. Player; Mueller, who dedicated an assist in this game, increased his total number of assists in the 2021 league to 20, becoming the player with the most assists in a single natural year in the five major leagues since statistics. However, all this was slightly bleak in the face of a defeat.

Bayern coach Nagelsman needs to reconsider whether the three-back formation is really suitable for Bayern. (CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP via Getty Images)

Bayern starting: 1-Neuer, 2-Yu Pamecano, 3-Richards (51’42-Musharra), 5-Pawar (86’23-Kwasi), 7-Gnab Li, 8-Gretzka, 9-Lewan, 10-Sane (69’13-Schupo Morting), 18-Sabitzer (51’19-Davis), 21-Lucas, 25-Müller

Augsburg starter: 1- Gikiwicz, 2- Guni, 3- Pedersen (74’8- Carlos Grueso), 6-Hvelau, 20-Kalijuri ( 57’32-Flamberg), 22-Iago, 28-Hahn (81’24-Frederick Jensen), 30-Niklas Dosch (74’14-Molavik ), 4-Reese Oxford, 10-A-Mayr, 21-Zezili (81’9-Sergio Cordova).

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