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Bundesliga – Lewandowski made a point + scored with a shot, Bayern 1-0 Augsburg led by 9 points – yqqlm

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Bundesliga – Lewandowski made a point + scored with a shot, Bayern 1-0 Augsburg led by 9 points – yqqlm

Original title: Bundesliga – Lewandowski made a point + scored a goal, Bayern 1-0 Augsburg led by 9 points

At 21:30 on the evening of April 9th, Beijing time, the 29th round of the Bundesliga kicked off, and Bayern Munich played against Augsburg at home. In the 79th minute, Lewandowski scored a goal, and Bayern defeated Augsburg 1-0. The points reached 69 points in 29 rounds, leading the second place Dortmund by as many as 9 points.

In the 6th minute, Vargas dribbled the ball to the top of the arc, and then a pass-like attack was blocked. In the 11th minute, Upamecano made a mistake in returning and was cut off. Hahn broke into the penalty area after stealing, but he was a little hesitant in handling the ball, and the ball was eventually chased and destroyed by the defender. In the 17th minute, Pavard received the ball from Gnabry at the top of the arc, and then the long shot was blocked by the defender. In the 18th minute, Bayern took the ball from the sideline, and Kimmich on the right side of the penalty area took the ball and hit the goal with a low shot.

In the 33rd minute, Lewandowski was stepped on his ankle by an opponent in a confrontation in the penalty area, but the referee did not say anything. In the 35th minute, Vargas cut from the left side of the frontcourt to hit the goal, but his long shot went above the goal. In the 36th minute, Oxford hit Lewandowski in the face in a defense, and then the referee showed him a yellow card.

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In the 39th minute, Kimmich sent a through ball to the penalty area. Lewandowski tried to outflank the goal, but the ball was won by Auberg goalkeeper Gijewicz. At the end of the half, the two teams entered halftime with a score of 0-0. It is worth mentioning that Bayern had 0 shots on target in the first half, which was the first time they had 0 shots on target in all competitions since 2009.

In the 47th minute, Kimmich made a pass from the right and crossed to the penalty area. Lewandowski’s header was saved by Auberg goalkeeper Gijewicz. In the 62nd minute, Alfonso Davis dribbled the ball from the left side of the frontcourt, and then distributed it to Kimmich in the middle of the top of the arc.

In the 69th minute, Duoshi shot a long-range shot from outside the penalty area and kicked it away. In the 71st minute, Alfonso Davies reached the left baseline and then scored the ball to Pavar, who crossed in front of the goal and was saved by Gijewicz. In the 73rd minute, Muller made a cross from the right to the penalty area, and Pawar followed up with a header and scored a high goal.

In the 80th minute, Bayern took a free kick to the penalty area. Lewandowski headed the goal and caused a handball by the opponent. The referee decided to give a penalty after seeing the VAR. Then Lewandowski took a penalty and scored, and the score became 1-0! Lewandowski also scored his 32nd goal in the league this season.

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In the 85th minute, Kimmich took a long shot from the outside of the penalty area and the ball hit the crossbar. Subsequently, neither side was able to rewrite the score, and finally Bayern won 1-0 at home.

Lineups for both teams:

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): 1-Neuer/3-Richards (19-Alfonso-Davis in the 56th minute), 2-Upamecano, 23-Kuasi , 5-Pawar/6-Kimich, 8-Gretzka (18-Sabitzer in the 56th minute)/7-Gnabry (42-Muciara in the 46th minute), 10-Sane ( In the 64th minute, 11-Koeman), 25-Mueller (44-Stanisic in the 90th minute)/9-Lewandowski

Augsburg (4-4-2): 1-Gijjewicz/22-Yago, 4-Oxford, 6-Guvilau, 2-Guning (32-Flam in the 63rd minute) Berger)/20-Calijuli, 30-Dosch, 10-A-Meier (14-Moravik in the 63rd minute), 16-Vargas (18-Pepi in the 55th minute)/ 28-Hahn (11-Gregoric in the 77th minute), 7-Niederlechner (21-Zeziri in the 55th minute)

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