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BVB – Atlético Madrid: Wheelchair user’s partner digitally prepared

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BVB – Atlético Madrid: Wheelchair user’s partner digitally prepared

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How the partner of a wheelchair user is digitally prepared

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“Extremely happy, extremely proud” – Borussia Dortmund reaches the Champions League semi-finals

Borussia Dortmund has reached the semi-finals of the Champions League for the first time since 2013. Coach Edin Terzic’s team won 4:2 (2:0) after a dramatic game against Atlético Madrid and thus made up for the 1:2 defeat in the first leg of the quarterfinals.

After BVB’s triumph against Atletico Madrid, Julian Brandt throws his jersey to a wheelchair user. But another person grabs the shirt. The outraged people quickly gather together and complain without knowing the background.

Borussia Dortmund moves into the semi-finals of the Champions League after a memorable 4:2 (2:0) against Atlético Madrid. Julian Brandt also contributed significantly to the success; the offensive player opened the scoring of the evening with his 1-0. “Nights like this are special, this Champions League season in particular is special,” cheered Brandt. “Seeing all these happy faces here in the stadium is pure satisfaction.”

After the game he wanted to give his jersey to one of these lucky supporters. He went to the area specially designed for people with disabilities and threw it over the fence to a wheelchair user. There’s a video of it at X. In these 13 seconds you can see how a person standing next to the man catches the shirt and happily turns it away.

The digital agitation could begin, instigated by the user who posted the video online. And wrote: “When you are the biggest asshole among 81,000 people. Snatching Brandt’s gift out of the hand of a wheelchair user. Please ban the stadium for life.”

“Wow, rarely seen such an asshole”

Of course the whole thing generated a lot of clicks. Before 10 a.m. the next morning, the user (18 followers) had collected over 5,000 likes and his post was seen by almost half a million users. In the comments, other outraged people gathered around the digital campfire. A selection of comments (original quotes):

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“Wow, rarely seen such an asshole. Brandt wanted to give this to the man in the wheelchair, as you can see quite clearly! The poor man, I hope he gets twice as much luck back.” “Remorseful behavior.” “The son of a bitch of the week.” “Hopefully they find him.”

This user can be reassured. He was found. The he is actually a she and also the partner of the wheelchair user. BILD reports on this and quotes an acquaintance of the fans: “The two have been together for eleven years and have a season ticket. They’re at every BVB game.” The woman didn’t snatch the jersey from under her partner’s nose, as could be seen minutes later in her Instagram story.

Happy fans: The Instagram story from the night

What: Instagram

According to Sky, the topic also came up during the celebrations in the BVB dressing room. BVB professional Marius Wolf wrote on X: “It will be clarified.”

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Is clarified. Only a few apologies could be left. Instead, the sender of the video deactivated his profile this morning.

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