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Capital gains, in Serie A from exchanges of 200 million players in one year

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Total or partial, the exchanges in the transfer market have increasingly taken hold in Serie A. From the winter window of 2020 to the summer of 2021, the evaluations of the players exchanged or included in the negotiations as a counterpart are around 200 million, a figure that is precisely the subject of “compensation ”Between two clubs with another player who at the same time changed his shirt.

In the investigation by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office on Juventus’ capital gains, an attempt is being made to shed light on various deals of this kind, conducted by the Juventus club with other clubs in Italy and abroad. And it is no coincidence that the FIGC led by president Gabriele Gravina aims to “sterilize” this type of operations except in the civil sphere (where ad hoc legislative interventions would be needed) at least in light of the achievement of the capital parameters for registration in the championship (and in harmony with Uefa for obtaining licenses).

The Pjanic case

The examples of mirror operations that emerge from the “Prisma” investigation relating to the bianconeri concern above all the Under 23 members in Serie C. But taking into consideration the transfers from January 2020 to today, the best known case is that of Pjanic, ended up in Barcelona in the exchange with Arthur, valued 60 million plus five bonuses. Even before that, the bianconeri had included other players to reduce costs on the market. As in the case of Kulusevski, withdrawn from Atalanta for 35 million plus bonuses. In the same transfer campaign session, however, the young Muratore (valued 7 million) and the defender Romero went to the people of Bergamo, who reached a value of 20 million between loans, redemptions and bonuses. There are also equal exchanges that generated capital gains on both sides, such as the Tongya-Aké operation with Marseille, in which the two unders were valued at 8 million each. Or, the agreement with Parma for the transfers of Lanini to Juventus and Minelli to Emilia, with a valuation set at 2.9 million for both.

Other clubs have used the trading formula in a different way, mainly to ease the balances. Napoli did it for the Osimhen affair, turning the cards of four players to Lille: Karnezis, Liguori, Palmieri and Manzi, valued at a total of 20 million. From the financial statements of Rome, on the other hand, it is clear that Cetin, Cancellieri and Diaby were transferred to Verona, as part of the purchase of Kumbulla (valued at 28.5 million) for a value of 12.8 million.

Other examples of exchanges

Furthermore, several exchanges between young people who have not even set foot in Serie A: those of Parma (Brunori, Madonna and D’Aloia) and breaking latest news (Palmucci and Cipolletti), for example, who in January 2020 evaluated their «Packages» for over 4 million euros; or those of Parma and Lecce (1.6 million by both clubs for Cucci, Laraspata, Piazza and Trezza), always returning to Juventus, which took over Vrioni from Sampdoria in exchange for Francofonte, Gerbi and Stoppa (valued 4 million plus bonuses).

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