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Carlo Iannelli, the father of the cyclist who died at the age of 22: “My son’s death cannot be dismissed as a racing event, it’s not”

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Carlo Iannelli, the father of the cyclist who died at the age of 22: “My son’s death cannot be dismissed as a racing event, it’s not”

Giovanni he was as beautiful as the sun, he had a passion. And today he deserves respect ”. To speak is Carlo, father of Giovanni Iannelli (in the photo), a 22-year-old cyclist who died on October 7, 2019 during the 87th edition of the “Molinese circuit”, a race for sprinters that takes place in the province of Alexandria, in Molino dei Torti. Just over 100 meters from the finish line, Giovanni hits a pillarhits his head and dies: one dynamics which is seen, partially, also in a amateur video shot on the occasion. But in addition to the excruciating pain of the loss of a son, a 22-year-old boy full of dreams, what haunts the family, and especially his father Carlo, is the absence of justice for Giovanni’s death, given that to date a trial for that event has never been celebrated.

A process to avoid similar incidents and ensure the safety to cyclists and especially young people, a process “for give justice to a boy who had passion, who died for that passion – says the father a ilfattoquotidiano.it – and who wanted to donate his organs, and for this alone he deserves respect and justice”. And so Carlo’s battle has been going on for a long time now 4 yearsbecause not only could the death of the boy have been avoided, but to make to emerge everything that came later and which he says is very serious. “I know what I’m talking about: for 30 years I have dealt with cycling, I was president of a cycling club, I organized hundreds and hundreds of races. For two legislature I was vice president of the Tuscan committee of Italian cycling federationfor 12 years I was a judge in the justice bodies of the federation in Rome, elected and not appointed by the national assembly. To date the Federation but it’s my counterpart: you can’t archive the death of my son as a trivial event of the race, because it is not”.

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Too many obscure points second Carlo Iannelli: “We’re talking about a race in a circuit completely flat, where you cover 115 kilometers at a speed of about 47 kilometers per hour: in short, you go very fast. Yet there were only one fifty of meters of barriers”. He hurdles that, as also seen in the last one Tour of Italy, in the event of falls they can save the lives of cyclists. There were no barriers at the point where Giovanni hit the pillar: “It’s as if Giovanni had fallen from the fifth floor. He died instantly, but he was kept alive for the donation of the organs. I arrived at the scene of the accident carabinieri: they wrote that they arrived at the place at 16.15 while the race ended at 16.24, if that were the case they would have practically been testimony eyepieces. In the report of a fatal accident, they wrote practically nothing, they did not hear i numerous witnesses who were on the spot, they didn’t get the photos delivered come on photography, the other cyclists did not hear. They only heard from the race judge on the bike”.

And the testimony of the race judge, as also shown by the television service of “Hyenas” on the affair, is another of the obscure points. On content Carlo Iannelli, who is also lawyercomplaint for false testimony: “Complaints that come up regularly archived”. On the merits, parliamentary questions such as that of the senator also arrived Riccardo Nencini or the Northern League senator Powerful. It is on the basis of this that Giovanni’s father does not rest: “I also wrote to the ex Minister Cartabia, who did not answer or receive me when I was in the ministry. John is diedno one will give it back to me, I know it well and this is certainly not the whim of Carlo, Giovanni’s father: it is something that goes beyond the tragedy sporty and for this I simply ask for a Right process. I ask for justice and I ask that new ones be avoided tragedy like that of John, because the theme of safety is ignored”.

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