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Christmas wishes from the champions: Neymar, Messi, Giroud

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Christmas wishes from the champions: Neymar, Messi, Giroud

Lots of footballers (and not only) who have posted their Christmas photos on Instagram, with dedications to fans from all over the world

It’s Christmas for them too. Who is back from the World Cup, those who brought home the Cup and those who have many regrets in their suitcase. Then there are those who have already started playing again. And who is having fun waiting for the recovery. Footballers and sportsmen from all over the world celebrate Christmas, each in their own way. Let’s see how through their social posts.


His World Cup didn’t go the way he wanted. However, Neymar seems to have put it behind him. The Brazilian from PSG is already in Paris, ready for the recovery with a great desire for redemption.


Instead, he won the World Cup. Impossible to forget it (it would also be serious since it’s only been a week …) if you take a look at his social networks. Where, however, in his wife’s Instagram stories, there is no shortage of celebrating Christmas with the family.


He didn’t even compete in the World Cup, but he has already left his mark with City in the first post-Qatar match. He scored the 3-2 lead over Liverpool in the round of 16 of the Carabao Cup. The social message is… in pajamas!

Luis Suarez

Uruguay immediately exited the World Cup. Luis Suarez has already found his smile again. And it could not be otherwise next to the Christmas tree with his wife Sofi.

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The poor Bayern goalkeeper celebrates him on crutches after the bad injury at the World Cup.


And we come to Serie A, to the tricolors. Olivier Giroud and his wonderful family wish you all the best!


Leo Bonucci’s Christmas message to the Juventus players is very poetic and heartfelt.


Mo Salah is a Muslim but he too celebrates the Christmas of Our Lord with his beautiful family. Indeed, in Islam Christ is recognized not as the son of God but as one of the five great prophets of humanity, together with Noah, Moses, Abraham and Mohammed. And the Koran dedicates an entire chapter, the sixteenth, to Mary.


His heart remained in Naples, even if Dries Mertens is in Istanbul today, where the championship is played. He too celebrates December 25th. And there are those who advise him “not to forget the struffoli, so you feel at home”.


What did Santa get to the Golden Boot in office?


The Belgium and Real Madrid goalkeeper spends Christmas with his girlfriend in Chamonix.


Christmas with his wife and son for the Sassuolo striker.

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