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Competing Saturday 059 World Cup Morocco VS Portugal_TOM Sports

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Competing Saturday 059 World Cup Morocco VS Portugal_TOM Sports

moroccoAs the representative of North African powerhouses, the men’s football team performed extremely well in this World Cup. Stars from the five major leagues, including Ashraf, Mazraoui and Ziyech, played an irreplaceable role. In the group stage, Morocco beat Croatia to get the first place in the group, full of gold. Facing Spain in the knockout round, Morocco was very capable of confrontation. They performed well on the offensive end in the first half, but their physical fitness began to decline in the second half. In the penalty shootout, goalkeeper Bunu played well, saving the penalties of Soler and Busquets and sending Spain home.

PortugalAt present, it coincides with the golden generation, and the young player Ramos and other strengths are rising. In the group stage, after two consecutive victories, Portugal underwent a big rotation in the final round and still qualified first. Facing tough Switzerland in the knockout round, the team had an absolute advantage after the opponent chose to attack tactics and won 6-1. The teenager Ramos staged a hat-trick. Pepe, Guerrero and Leo scored goals respectively. Leakes performed well, Ronaldo came off the bench and played quite well.

last sessionworld cup, Portugal defeated Morocco in the group stage. The game between Morocco and Spain was very exhausting, and the team’s bench was not thick enough. Facing Portugal’s more powerful midfielder, they were at a certain disadvantage. Optimistic about Portugal winning regular time and advancing to the semi-finals.


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