Home Sports Cooke ready for Treviso Basket: “I bring you dunks and energy”

Cooke ready for Treviso Basket: “I bring you dunks and energy”

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Cooke ready for Treviso Basket: “I bring you dunks and energy”

Interview with the new Nutribullet center: “I love creating synergy with the public, come to Palaverde”

TREVISO. While waiting to see him in Treviso for the start of the preparation, here are the first words of TVB player of Derek Cooke jr, center of 206cm, born in ’91, last year at Hapoel Gilboa in Israel. In Treviso he will play with No. 11.

Derek, why did you choose Treviso?

“As for the choice of TVB, I think it was a mutual opportunity that both the club and I were happy to take. When I played against you with Trieste a couple of years ago, I immediately thought that Treviso was a great team and I liked how things were handled there. In addition, I was struck by the very warm fans and the enthusiasm around the program. This is what from my point of view made the opportunity to come to Treviso really interesting . On the other hand, I think the club liked the idea of ​​taking me for what I bring both on and off the pitch. I would say we have chosen each other. “

Have you already had the opportunity to speak with coach Marcelo Nicola? What did you say to each other?

“Yes, of course. I had the pleasure of talking to the coach and we had an excellent conversation right away, about what he expects from me and what I can expect from the team, from the fans, from the city. The classic conversation to get to know each other and enter an environment that I am sure I will like. “

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You have already played in the Italian league, so what do you think?

“I loved playing in Serie A and have been following it for a few years. It is one of the most competitive leagues and there are so many high-level teams. You never know what to expect, because every team is so talented and the general level is high. I only have positive thoughts about the Italian League and I’m happy to be part of it again with Treviso. “

What will you bring to this team?

“I think an element that I bring to every team I go to, but in this case in particular in Treviso, is my great energy. Rebounds, spectacular dunks, athleticism, defense and everything that can keep the level of energy high on the pitch. . I love to create a synergy with the public in terms of energy and enthusiasm, always showing dedication and passion. I can’t wait to be able to show it to you at Palaverde. “

Is there anything you would like to say something to the fans?

“To all Treviso fans: thank you for welcoming me warmly already, I am really happy to be here and to be part of this historic club. I am thrilled to see all of you in the crowd and how crazy the environment will be for us. Stay with us during the ups and downs, which are always there during a season, and I hope that this year we will have the opportunity to do many beautiful things. But continue to support us: I am really happy to be here. “

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