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Elections 2022, news on the Government of today 8 August

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Elections 2022, news on the Government of today 8 August

The “campo largo” wanted by the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta loses a piece, that of Action founded by Carlo Calenda who had been one of the promoters of the center-left pact. “It is one of the most painful decisions,” said the action leader, motivating the decision with the agreements made by the Democratic Party with the Italian Left, Verdi, Di Maio and Tabacci. Letta will go on, as he explains to our newspaper, while Calenda could try to regain space in the center with Matteo Renzi, who speaks of “great opportunity”.
The management of + Europa, currently part of the pact, has been called for today. Emma Bonino is furious: “I don’t think it’s serious to change your opinion every three days.” “I understand many people who did not vote and maybe even now they think they are not voting, first of all because one votes for a party, a member of parliament and then he changes his shirt. Think of the latest changes, Gelmini, Carfagna, Brunetta, the changes of mind of Conte, Di Maio, Calenda … “attacks Matteo Salvini, who excludes abstention for the center-right but offers a key to understanding, and a possible solution to the phenomenon . “Having hundreds of people who change parties is not serious but we will try again, as Lega and we will propose it to the entire center-right, to reintroduce mechanisms that avoid these changes of shirt”, says the leader of the League, from the microphones of Radio Montecarlo. “It is disrespectful to those who choose a party, a candidate and then this changes, without giving up his seat,” she reiterates.
Meanwhile, Giorgia Meloni recalls the rule agreed in the center-right, that is, whoever takes one more vote decides the premiership, explains to Rtl.
The deadlines for the M5S parliamentarians expire today and he expects to understand what Alessandro Di Battista will do, even if Conte believes that he will not stand as a candidate.

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11.35 – Salvini: we are waiting for the vote for the ministers

Reverse of Matteo Salvini on the ministers to be presented before the elections. «Who does what the Italians decide with the vote of 25 September. There are no ministers now, premier, undersecretaries: we are waiting for September 25 “, said the secretary of the League, on the sidelines of the visit to a kennel in Milan, responding to those who asked him about the disagreement of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni , on his possible return to the Viminale. “If the Italians choose the center-right and in the center-right they give more consent to the League – he added -, I am ready to take the honor and the burden of taking this country by the hand and choosing the best for this country”.

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11.20 – Calenda against Della Vedova: you are destroying the 2-year work
«Dear Benedetto, you were perfectly aware of what would happen if a pact was signed with SI, you were present at the meeting with Letta, we always talked to each other. Are you going with Di Maio, Di Stefano, Fratoianni and Bonelli? You are destroying the 2 year job. Think about it well ». Action leader Carlo Calenda writes it on Twitter.

11.10 – Meloni: if FdI gets more votes, the premier’s name is mine
«The rules are known. Unlike what the press really likes, I will not campaign by talking about names, prime ministers and ministers. The rules are known in the center-right. The party that gets the most votes in a coalition proposes to the Prime Minister the figure that should be indicated that he would like to be indicated as premier. It is up to the President of the Republic. The name is me, why shouldn’t it be? The thing I don’t understand is: why not Meloni? I think that those who vote for the Brothers of Italy vote from this point of view ». Thus the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni a Rtl 102.5.

11.05 – Della Vedova (+ Eu): it was clear from the beginning that there were Bonelli and Fratoianni
“It was very clear that Fratoianni and Bonelli would be there, Calenda’s rethinking is not only wrong but also a question of political ethics”. The secretary of + Europe Benedetto Della Vedova said this speaking to Radical Radio of the tear of Action. “We have always worked together, we and Action – the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs recalled -. When the Draghi government fell, we began to discuss to understand what our collation should be in the next electoral campaign, starting with the things that distinguish us. We evaluated the hypothesis of a presentation outside the two main camps, of making a third liberal democratic pole, or of making an appearance with Enrico Letta’s Pd, the only possible appearance ». “We chose to open a negotiation with Letta, we did it together – reiterated Della Vedova – we sent a letter to Letta with rather strict conditions, we made appointments last Tuesday, we presented ourselves with the text of an agreement, between the other drawn up mainly by Calenda. We discussed for two hours, then we signed a government pact, with very explicit points. We said there were two front runners, Letta and Calenda. The agreement was made on purpose to avoid that the votes of Action and + Europe could be used to elect representatives of the Italian Left or Green Europe, and of Di Maio, we have signed this pact ».

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10.55 – Conte: Letta takes responsibility, enough hypocrisy
“It is the Democratic Party that escapes its responsibilities because the gunshot was triggered by the Democratic Party with the rule on the Rome incinerator, Letta must assume his responsibilities, no more hypocrisy”. Thus the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte a Radio Capital. Conte does not say he has any regrets for having unleashed the crisis, but still attacks the center-left for the alliance strategy: “We certainly find the political disaster on this electoral ballet incomprehensible, I am astonished in front of this show – says the former prime minister – and since we don’t like games and ballets, we proudly go alone ». Then the criticisms to the right: Giorgia Meloni “gave drug addicts to those who take the citizenship income, while they are the first to have to be helped – comments Conte – for this reason she is not suitable to govern the country. I do not appeal against the black wave that would march on Palazzo Chigi even if I know the cultural humus from which Meloni comes, but we must win the battle of ideas ». The proposals of the 5 stars are “a minimum wage of 9 euros, just the jungle of one-day or one week contracts, enough free internships and internships, they are not eligible, you cannot take advantage of the youth workforce”.

10.35 – Salvini: flat tax at 15% also for employees
Matteo Salvini’s campaign promise: «We want to extend the flat tax to 15% also to employees. We can do it in 5 years. There are already people who pay for it and they are VAT numbers, ”said the leader of the Lega a Radio Montecarlo. Salvini also spoke of a law against defectors in Parliament: “We will propose to the center-right to introduce mechanisms that avoid changing shirts, it is not serious and respectful of those who voted”, he said after citing the cases of “Carfagna , Brunetta and many others ».

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10.10 – Calenda challenges Zingaretti in the Roma Centro boarding school
«Are you really thinking of beating the right on Draghi’s agenda with Fratoianni and Bonelli. Come on. Only this I had asked for. Clarity. Now it will be up to us to offer a serious government perspective. We will meet on the uninominal field of Rome. With respect », writes on Twitter the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, responding to the president of the Lazio region Nicola Zingaretti who had said:« Calenda has betrayed his potential voters in the first place ».

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