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Cristiano Ronaldo is very nervous about Manchester United’s situation

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Original title: Cristiano Ronaldo is very nervous about Manchester United’s situation. The agent will not rule out leaving the team.

Recently, problems within the Manchester United team have continued, and Ronaldo, who has returned to Manchester United this season, has also been criticized. Many people believe that he is an important reason for the split in the Manchester United locker room. “The Sun” revealed that the agent Mendes came to the UK this week to have crisis talks with Ronaldo and decide the future.

Last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus to join Manchester United. This time made Manchester United fans very happy and expected him to lead the team back to the top. Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal performance this season is not bad, so far he has scored 14 goals in all competitions, accounting for almost half of Manchester United’s total goals (29 goals) this season. But Manchester United’s results were not satisfactory. They also experienced a coaching change last year. The former coach Solskjaer dismissed get out of class and Rangnick became the new coach.

Rangnick changed Manchester United’s tactics after taking office, and Ronaldo was disappointed with Rangnick’s “rock football” tactical style. In addition, Gary Neville and other Manchester United stars also publicly criticized Ronaldo, thinking that some of his body language on the court was complaining about his teammates. There is also media exposure that Ronaldo and Manchester United captain Maguire are competing for the leadership of the team.

A source close to Ronaldo revealed to the “Sun”: “C Ronaldo is very worried about what happened to Manchester United. The team has received a lot of criticism, and he knows that he is regarded as one of the team leaders. There are many problems, Ronaldo. I feel the pressure and feel very nervous about the current situation.”

Ronaldo played for Manchester United for the first time from 2003 to 2009, during which he won the Champions League, Premier League and other championships, and he also won the Golden Globe Award. It can be said that he reached the first peak of his personal career, but this time Ronaldo returned to Manchester United. The experience is not good. The source continued: “C Ronaldo very much hopes that his return to Manchester United will be successful, but now he is beginning to realize that with the current team configuration, it may be really difficult to win the trophy.”

Ronaldo’s agent, Mendes, has already arrived in the UK this weekend, and Ronaldo will hold talks with Mendes. The source hinted that Ronaldo did not rule out the possibility of leaving. “Mendez will visit him, and they will spend time discussing the progress of the matter, and find out the problem, how to solve the problem, and possible solutions. No possibility is ruled out. sex.”Return to Sohu to see more


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