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Defeat the battle of Taishan and then change 3 defender Hao Wei self-denying on the spot adjustment to win_Game_海港_金敬道

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Original title: Victory of the battle of Taishan and then change 3 defender Hao Wei self-denying on the spot adjustment to win

Shandong Taishan team defeated Shanghai Haigang 1-0 with Judson’s lore, won the FA Cup and won the third League Cup double in team history. In this FA Cup final, Taishan team coach Hao Wei once again used the starting formation of 3 central defenders, but when the game progress was not as expected, Hao Wei made adjustments in the second half, which also directed the team’s goal. Win.

Battle of the seaport decisive victory in the battle of Taishan and then change 3 center back

In terms of the starting lineup of the game, the Taishan team sent a 3-back lineup, with Zheng Zheng, Shi Ke and Jia Desong lined up from left to right. In fact, in the Chinese Super League title match in Tianwangshan on December 19 last year, the Taishan team had changed into three central defenders. At that time, it was the first time that the Taishan team used three central defenders in the 2021 season. That game received good results, beating Shanghai Seaport 2-0.

After 20 days, when the Taishan team faced off with Haigang again in the FA Cup final, Hao Wei once again used a 3-back lineup. In fact, after the last victory over Haigang, the Taishan team also used the 3-back formation several times, but at the final stage of the Super League, the Taishan team returned to the 4-back formation. In this battle, in such a crucial decisive match, Hao Wei once again boldly used the 3 central defender formation.

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The change effect is not good Hao Wei denies himself in the second half

However, the effect of the 3-back formation in this game is not ideal. After all, during the last Tianwangshan battle, the Taishan team used a 3-back formation for the first time. It can be said that they caught the harbor by surprise. But after the last time it was used, Seaport coach Lecco must have made a plan in advance this time. Therefore, in the first half of this campaign, the Tarzan team’s 3-back formation did not achieve the same effect as last time.

After seeing little effect, although Hao Wei did not make adjustments immediately after the intermission, it was obvious that Hao Wei had already considered in the lounge if there was no effect, he would change again. Sure enough, in the 63rd minute, Hao Wei dispatched Jin Jingdao and Qi Tianyu at the same time, replacing Xu Xin and Liu Yang. Zheng Zheng played the left back, Jia Desong and Shi Ke partnered with the center back, Ji Xiang retreated to the right back, and handed over the two sides of the team’s front court to Jin Jingdao and Qi Tianyu.

Hao Wei’s adjustment worked well for Jin Jingdao to create a lore free kick

Hao Wei’s self-denial, after the team changed back to 4 guards, the game scene did not immediately change. However, Jin Jingdao and Qi Tianyu also brought the coaching staff’s intentions to the field, and the team also played more actively. After 70 minutes of the game, the Taishan team speeded up significantly. In the 80th minute, Jin Jingdao took the ball in front of the penalty area, causing a foul by the back midfielder Yang Shiyuan, who played on the Haigang bench, and helped the Taishan team get a free kick that was worth a lot of money after the game.

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Zheng Zheng’s magical left foot kicked a full moon scimitar, hit the crossbar, and almost broke the goal, but he also caused chaos in front of the harbor gate, Yan Junling shot the ball out, and Ju Desson also completed the world wave lore. Although the substitute players sent did not offer goals or assists, their appearance disrupted the opponent’s rhythm. In particular, Jin Jingdao and Qi Tianyu are known for their good physical fitness, and the second half of the bench has more physical strength. Their impact and Shanghai Port’s physical strength decreased in the second half, and both offensive and defensive ends Taishan regained the advantage, and finally changed the advantage. In order to win, completed the 7th cup of the Football Association Cup. (Yang Xixi)Return to Sohu to see more


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