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Defeated Guangdong team Shanxi Women’s Basketball Team 88-69 and won the highlight game-Xinhuanet

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Shanxi Women’s Basketball Team Defeats Guangdong 88-69 in WCBA Showdown

In a highly anticipated matchup, the Shanxi Zhuye Qingjiu Women’s Basketball Team emerged victorious against the Guangdong team with a scoreline of 88-69 in an intense battle during the 16th round of the WCBA regular season on November 28.

The Guangdong team, which was ranked fourth in the league standings with 11 wins and 3 losses, faced a tough challenge from the Shanxi women’s basketball team, who trailed behind in seventh place with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses. The clash between these two teams was undoubtedly the highlight of this round of competition.

The game saw the Shanxi Women’s Basketball Team making a strong start, quickly taking the lead with consecutive goals from both inside and outside shots. Notably, the team displayed an exceptional performance from beyond the arc, sinking 5 three-pointers out of 10 attempts in the first half.

As the game entered the fourth quarter, the Shanxi women’s basketball team maintained a slight lead of 54-48. However, they surged ahead by increasing their defensive intensity, lowering the opponent’s shooting percentage, and executing quick counterattacks by grabbing backcourt rebounds. The team outscored the Guangdong team 34-21 in the final quarter, securing a decisive victory.

The Shanxi Women’s Basketball Team’s impressive defensive display limited the Guangdong team, which typically averaged 81.7 points per game, to only 69 points in this game. On the offensive end, Huo Juntong, Thomas, and Liu Yutong all contributed with more than 20 points each. Huo Juntong notably achieved a career-high of 26 points in the game.

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Following the victory, the Shanxi women’s basketball team climbed to fourth place in the league standings. They are set to return home and face the Fujian team in the 17th round of the regular season on November 30.

The team’s remarkable performance has not gone unnoticed as they continue to make strides in the WCBA, securing crucial victories and showcasing their strength and determination on the court. (Reporter Yang Erxin)

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