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DFB-Team: “I think the team is unfamiliar with the tactics”

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DFB-Team: “I think the team is unfamiliar with the tactics”

Football criticism of the national coach

“I simply believe that the team is unfamiliar with the tactics”

Status: 21.06.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes

“It all went haywire,” says Flick after the international debacle

After the next setback for the national team, national coach Hansi Flick was self-critical. “It went completely wrong,” said the 58-year-old after the once again disappointing performance of the DFB-Elf against Colombia – and announced the consequences.

Bastian Schweinsteiger renewed his criticism of the German national team. The former captain gives the national coach Hansi Flick a bad report. Schweinsteiger makes a little hopeful prognosis.

After the German national team’s three friendlies without a win against Ukraine (3-3), Poland (0-1) and Colombia (0-2), Bastian Schweinsteiger identified a number of weaknesses in national coach Hansi Flick’s team.

“Yes, well, that can all still be. But you just have to be more disgusting against the ball, stand defensively much better so that this security just comes in, ”analyzed the 38-year-old ARD expert for the sports show.

He accused Flick of not having chosen the right system recently. “I simply believe that the team is strangers to their tactics,” said the 2014 world champion. “The national coach has to recognize that and change it, because they conceded six goals in the last three international matches – that speaks a clear language again.” Above all, Flick’s attempt to rely on a three-man instead of a four-man defense had caused a lot of criticism.

Coach Hansi Flick (left) is harshly criticized by Bastian Schweinsteiger

Source: dpa/Christian Charisius

“I would have liked us to use the formation and tactics we use at the tournament. You can see that the players don’t find it easy to use the system,” Schweinsteiger called for fewer experiments.

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Schweinsteiger doesn’t see a chance for the title

The former DFB captain estimates the chances of the fourth European title after 1972, 1980 and 1996 to be rather low. “Obviously it will be very difficult with the title. But a team that fights for Germany and gives everything – we can do that.” And then you just have to see how far it goes.

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In view of the sporting crisis in the national team, Dietmar Hamann recently pleaded for an immediate replacement for the post of national coach twelve months before the European Championships at home. “The danger that things will go wrong with him is so great that you have to act now,” said the ex-national player: “It’s going in the wrong direction at a tremendous pace.” In his opinion, Flick “lost the trust of the players” , because: “If the team is right, then the boys do it themselves, because they say: We’ll go through fire for him.” That is not the case at the moment.”

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